direct mail

  1. W

    email campaign

    hello I have a list of emails and would like to send a massive campaign. I have HTML and everything, just need an anonymous sender and a platform. who can help me? thanks
  2. Seagate44

    I got scrapped FB IDs from my target audience. How to contact them?

    Hey! I have a fanpage but since FB made direct contacting with fans via message unavailable, I dont know how to contact them. I have also scrapped about 20k IDs from my targed audience's fan page. It includes e-mails with x[email protected]. But when I tried to send mail to the address...
  3. DisavowedKing

    Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown - My Path

    I've been on BHW for a few years now and it seems like forever since I've either posted something meaningful or since I've done anything on the interwebs as it is. With that being said I now have more responsibilities then I could have ever cared to imagine and even more of a desire to get back...
  4. BHopkins

    Warm Calls after Direct Mail

    I have a friend online who mailed out 20 letters to people/companies with reputation issues. Before he was able to follow up with a phone call (about a week after mailing), someone called him to get more information. In a small sample, that's a 5% response rate which is fantastic. If you mail...
  5. S

    Is there a service out there that can send Out Lotsof Handwritten/addresed Letters for me?

    Hi, I'm in need of sending out a lot of handwritten letters to my mailing list. Does anyone know of any services that can do that or give the appearance of a handwritten letter to large mailing list by the 1,000s?
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