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    Hi, Folks! I'm really new to things like that, and I've been reading the forum for hours to find a clear answer, but I couldn't find anything definitive. Such automated views and bot visits as offered (or preferably sold, lol) by Diabolic, what do you use them for? Is it to rank an Amazon...
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    Diabolic 6.44 Help me(Azerbaijan)

    Hello, I am writing to you from Azerbaijan. I hope you are well. The Diabolic Bot program has blocked my site. I can't win anymore. Please help me

    Has anyone been sucsessfull making money from ****** botting

    I bought this diabolic bot and i was thinking about buying rotating proxies to make money from ****** and i did so, but ****** banned my account. I am woundering if anyone has been succsessfull doing this?
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    Triggering A Bot Simulate Parameters In Link

    Hi there, I was wondering if there is any way to fake/trigger a parameters in a link. So I can fake that this visit comes from a promo displayed on the same website. Right now, I am using diabolic traffic bot, but I have placed plane links only (somewhere.com/products/book1.html) I want to...
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