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    CPI: why TOP affiliates work with it

    With networking and talking to lots of experts in the field we've singled out the following trends: (1) verticals and brands aspire to become more white-hat and thus (2) affiliate marketers are looking for other interesting verticals with great revenue. While working with gambling is great and...
  2. DulalKisku

    How to make money with Desktop app?

    I do have a music streaming desktop app on development mode with .Net framework in Visual Studio 2019 I couldn't figure out how I make money with it. Though I am planning to add push notification ads with it, so I can run it almost all the time the computer is on. I am looking for some creative...
  3. Codenpy

    [Desktop Tool] - Download Instagram Images & Videos by User id and Hashtag

    Hello BHW, thanks all for giving me excellent motivation of my previous web tool called "Youtube Captions Scraper" Today i am come up with another free tool called "IG Downloader". Its desktop based tool, you can download Instagram medias (images and videos) for any given public instagram user...
  4. Veil123

    ★Codevix★ - Professional Website & App solutions!

  5. J

    Is there anyboday using a control panel based on your pc desktop?

    Hi Mates, Just curious! Is there anyboday using a desktop-based control panel like me? I see VPSrobots: is the only one i've heard up till now. Also, any ideas on the pros and cons of a desktop-based panel in comparison with an usual web-based control panel? Thanks!
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