1. sxyladyorl

    Demonoid invitation code please ;-)

    Hi ;) I am after an invitation code for demonoid please if anybody has one spare? I would much appreciate it. My old login no longer works ;-( Thanks :) PJ xx
  2. E

    Need Demonoid Invite

    I Need Demonoid Invite Thanks in advnace
  3. O

    Req: TheGeeks Invite - Trade for IPT/Demonoid

    Looking for a request to TheGeeks for some tutorial content I'm hunting for. I have an invite available for IPTorrents or Demonoid in exchange. Let me know. Thanks!
  4. M

    Free Demonoid invites

    Hello there. I made a small website that i use to send out free demonoid invites. There's a contact form that requires a random name and an email address, disposable ones are preferred. Feel free to check the link below to request an invite or if you can generate multiple invites for others drop...
  5. A

    NEED invitation cod PLEASE

    I need only one demonoid invitation code kindly pm me don't post here thanks a lot...
  6. J

    Have Demonoid and Torrentday for Trade

    I have Demonoid and Torrentday for trade. I'm relatively ignorant of other sites and what they offer. I've been Utorrenting with BTGuard for years . I would like to find a site that has Magic Trick videos such as AOM which I understand is very hard to come by. I see many people asking for...
  7. S

    I am in urgent need of templatep2p invitee ..!!

    Dear ALL, I am in urgent need of templatep2p invitee , I dont have much to share in exchange but I have iptorrent & Demonoid to share. Regards
  8. Nickel

    2014 Torrent Site Traffic Statistics

    I usually do this about twice a year to keep a track on how the ToR-Traff flows&goes ...just pulled the numbers yesterday -here's the results Site Statistics 2014 **Numbers indicate UNIQUE visititors per MONTH ===========================================...
  9. zoomsixx

    Demonoid Returns, Website Now Back Online

    Greatest news ever but unfortunately I have forgotten my credentials, how will I be able to recover them "After 20 months of downtime the infamous Demonoid BitTorrent tracker has made a comeback. The tracker returned a few weeks ago, but the now the website is accessible again too. Former...
  10. G

    Need Demonoid or IPtorrent invite

    Hey all -- looking for an invite to Demonoid or IPtorrent. Many thanks if you can help out!
  11. zoomsixx

    Demonoid Is Back, BitTorrent Tracker is Now Online

    According to Torrent Freak Demonoid trackers are back online. "After three and a half months of downtime Demonoid?s tracker is now back online. The unexpected revival of the tracker is the first sign of life in weeks and suggests that the Demonoid team is working to bring the full site back...
  12. C

    IPTorrent invitation

    I hope this hasn't been beaten to death by other members, but I am in dire need of a good alternative torrent site invitation to that of demonoid. I heard IPTorrent was good. I mostly download books for school, and always try to seed as much as I leach. I'm lost without my demonoid fix :(...
  13. L

    Demonoid or CGPeers Invite

    Hi All, I would really appreciate it if someone could give me an invite for CGPeers or Demoniod; I'm starting out, so, any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Kind Regards, James
  14. mhatter

    Demonoid shut down for forever :(

    The Library of Alexandria burnt down again This is a sad day for humanity. There was A LOT of EDUCATIONAL material on Demonoid. It is *possible* they'll be back. There aren't many details in that...
  15. P

    latest demonoid inviites

    pratikpise92Xpvkxxxi0d4vgiv7fvy2t2surj2takbx5 pratikpise92Xiz3lzp1y5u5b3odyypxbdull5rx pratikpise92Xr6qtgx3zq5qq9ec0mco8czaczxd39w82 pratikpise92Xwmvl7m40ubsj9swuk97mvikkk08lmtrd pratikpise92Xcvbabv40hl46z58mr0xmt86elhuu6 latest ones..
  16. EnlightenedOne

    NEW DEMONOID INVITES: All you have to do is ask.

    I see Demonoid invites here once in a while. People generally post a few and then you're left testing all of them to see which one has not been used yet. Sometimes; all of them have been used and you are left pissed off that you wasted your time. So, I will not do that here. I will give you an...
  17. C

    [Giveaway] 2x invitation code.

    Title says it all :-)
  18. I

    Looking for a Demonoid INVITE

    Hello blackhatters, I need a demonoid INVITE. If some could please spare one and PM me the inivtation code, that would be really great.
  19. C is open for user registeration.

    Just checked and and found its open for new user registration. So hurry up and register.
  20. ajithrocksca

    Need a Demonoid invitee

    I need a demonoid account.. and it is very important.. anyone with an invite please help. Thanks in advance
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