1. Bigcookies


    is there any way to get the demographics for a product?
  2. S

    Are there any pop culture or entertainment sites here?

    Hello, I'm curious if there are any sites or blogs here that focus on pop culture or general entertainment. In particular I'm curious about how many there are and the general makeup of the demographics. For example: general regions the audience hails from, political or social-issue leanings...
  3. flashsites

    Find demographics of competitors sites in 2021

    I might be too old-school but I remember when I could put in my competitor site and it would show demographics on Quantcast. Also I could put in demographics and it would show top sites. Is this no longer Quantcast? If not where can I find it? FB doesn't work, it doesn't have demographics...
  4. K

    Sites that sell demographical data for your mailing list

    I remember seeing many sites long time ago that had a public pricing and offered to sell age, gender, income, address, even interests and similar for the provided emails if they could match them. I am searching again and I can’t seem to find more than 1 that I won’t link since I don't want to be...
  5. Jammy0308

    Indian Instagram Followers

    Hello, In the Instagram community, I've seen that Indian followers are known to be hard to monetize. I've been running Instagram story ads to grow a recently started motivational page, they have been quite effective. However, because the ad targeting is worldwide I've gained followers that are...
  6. pj777777

    Where to find audience demographics?

    Hi guys, Looking to undertake some market research. Anyone know of any sites or strategies to quickly uncover audience demographics for competitor sites/ social media channels etc. Thinking of something similar to, but with more detail. I'm okay with a paid for service, but would...
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