delete account

  1. M

    deleted channel youtube

    I tried to convert my channel on YouTube to Brand but I switched to the same email and lost everything. I did not switch the channel to another email. Short channel link: how i can recover my channel
  2. MDD Razzle

    [DELETE] My Account.

    Can a mod delete my account? thanks.
  3. D

    How to delete account?

    Hi! I accidentally signed up with the wrong username. I did some research & it seams like accounts canted be deleted or changed... Can a mod please ban my account & scramble the username?
  4. Aaron_Marino

    Please Delete [Bann] My Account

    Hello, I always wanted to change my username and since it is no option, I created a new account, I have no active threads, so it seemed the right thing. Since deleting accounts is no option to go with, I'll need a moderator to banned for me. Thank You
  5. Klove

    Please delete my account permanently

    Thank you.