1. D

    How to Deindex page from Yahoo in bulk

    Hey everyone! I need to quickly deindex some pages on my website from Yahoo. Is there any way I can do this? It used to be available through Yahoo Site Explorer, but it was shut down in 2011. I heard that Yahoo and Bing are working together now, and deindexing the page from the Bing Webmaster...
  2. ottovarga

    Help needed to deindex millions of pages after attack

    Guys, I need help. This project uses JAMStack technology, with separate front-end and back-end components. The backend is powered by WordPress and is hosted on a subdomain. The site experienced an attack weeks ago, resulting in the generation of millions of files on the subdomain. Although we...
  3. tazarbm

    How do you deindex legal pages, categories pages, and tags?

    Hi, I just google-checked all of my sites with the "site:" operator and I noticed that the legal pages (contact, about us, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc), the category pages and sometimes even the tags show up in google's index and I'd like to remove them from there. But I don't know how to...
  4. TheDankChocolate

    Google Deindexed a Lot of Pages

    Hey, I am sad, disheartened, and demotivated as of now. After the latest spam update from Google that concluded on June 23 and June 28, a lot of articles have been deindexed. I have lost almost 80% of traffic due to this and I am afraid Google has detected Spam on my website and has thus...
  5. Nody Khan

    Deindex Website From Bing

    Hello, My website was getting too much traffic from bing and also my main keyword ranked on 2nd position. My website ranked in 2nd position with the main keyword from the last 4 months but before somedays suddenly all my website index page removed from bing. If I search on bing like...
  6. RocketFuel

    Wanted: Link Removal / Deindexing Specialist

    Looking for the real deal Reputation Management specialist.. Someone who has the ability to Deindex pages/sites and or remove specific links, or content etc. NOT looking for someone to build pages and push content down. ** In these situations the site owners do not reply, ignore legal, or...
  7. bangun tidur

    [ASK] What to do if PBN get Deindex? Should I Delete The Domain?

    Hello, i know around this weeks there is some algorthim changing with google and some of your PBN might get deindex, and now i have 1 of my pbn this last week that get deindex, but luckily i always use a diverse way to keep clean the footprint. But here what i confuse a bit, should i keep the...
  8. boldrack

    [HELP] How to deindex pages from my old website

    Anyone know how to deindex pages on my website. It's already indexed and I want to reverse this.
  9. kurosaki4d

    How to deindex an URL with specific parameter ?

    Hello, While i was doing an audit to my website SEO, i found out a warning for a page that is most of the time blank. Basicaly, this page serves for storing articles for visitors who would like to read their favorite selections later. This is the link: The...
  10. kleinerwauwau

    What is going on with Google?

    Hey guys, in february we optimized the onpage text of a client's specific page we knew it needs optimization. Shortly after that, the page jumped from Rank ~50 to Google page 2 for the main keyword. Now, something really weird happened a few weeks after. My mobile ranktracker shows suddenly...
  11. olo555

    One inner page gets deindexed...

    Hi, i have whitehat niche website 1 year aged, all of inner pages are in top 5 for all keywords and have unique content. But couple days ago one of inner pages for one keyword in top 4, was deindexed. I dont know what happend i dont have any message in GWT :/ maybe someone have similar situation...
  12. V

    Link of PBN de-index my money site.

    Hey guys! Yesterday i created a link to my money site and it disappeared for my keyword. The PBN domain have this metrics: DA: 24 PA: 19 TF: 17 CT: 5 - I know, is bad! DA (age): 21yo Referring domains: 127 I know that we need to consider other metrics, but... That's a bad domain, right...
  13. D

    How to Fix Pure Spam from OLD Owner Domain

    I have 40-50DA Domain, but deindex (pure spam). How I fix it?
  14. MehdiBmm

    How to remove these from SERPS?

    Hey pals, I've got a wordpress blog based on Sahifa theme and I noticed that numbered pages are indexed that countain like an archive for posts. Screen below: Problem is, on Yoast Seo I got the category page not indexed, the author's archive and other archives are not to be indexed too...
  15. Brighter Faster

    Deindexed by Bing

    Hi All, Was wondering if anyone had any experience getting deindexed by Bing? Not the biggest deal in the world since, you know, it's bing. But, I did rank in top 3 for some decent keywords and Bing/Yahoo made up around 5-10% of my traffic until about 2 days ago. I only really noticed...
  16. I

    Deranking a single page?

    I have a page on a client's site that continually bring in a lot of traffic. It was originally created in 2009 as click bait and had the word "free" in it. It still gets a lot of organic traffic, which is great, but these visitors aren't doing anything else on the site. We've tried in article...
  17. blackhatgorilla

    Front-Page De-Indexed? Need Help . .

    Got some issue with my Shop & I'm not sure what happend or what to do? Short explained: Front-Page (Site A) - had a serp ranking between 8 - 12 for the last 6 months One of the Products, wasn't in the searchresults with the keywords of Site A, but had similiar Long-Term-Keywords Now, the...
  18. S

    Ethical sabotage?

    In my niche i own a small business my niche has 2 types of businesses within itself. Decent people who run actual businesses (these folks have my respect), and scam companies who run off of pure adwords and PBNs. They are conmen, they have too much market share @ 60%+, and they take as much of...
  19. R

    Can someone tell me how to push down a negative link from search results?

    Hi friends, I have been trying to push down a negative link but see no progress at all. It is a forum showing up on multiple keyword and is really effecting my client;s bad reputation. Any suggedtions or help? Thanks in advance! Rahul
  20. F

    Site gets ranked after crawling then gets deindexed after few days and ranks again after recrawling

    So I created a niche site almost 2 weeks back, EMD, low competition. No link building or social signals have been done. I thought of waiting sometime before link building. After crawling the site for the first time it got ranked 75 for the target keyword. Then after 1-2 days it disappeared from...
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