1. L

    How to optimize wordpress site for Sitelinks(google) & Deeplinks(Bing)

    Hi, I have launched my classifeds site, the sitelinks are not appearing in search engine ? Someone throw a light on how to optimize our site for Sitelinks. Environment: Wordpress Can anyone Help me on this.. Thanks,
  2. katona44

    Find Out if Traffic Source is Google Ads inside iOS Apps

    I'm trying to figure out if the traffic came from Google Ads Universal App Campaign, inside in an iOS app, because I would like to show these users a different offer in the app. Anybody knows how to achieve this? I'm using Firebase for tracking. Since Universal Analytics Campaigns has no...
  3. P

    Aliexpress affiliate Link - Desktop vs mobile version

    How to make a link "responsive"? I mean, if user is using a smartphone, send the user to If user is using a desktop, send user to Aliexpress links always sent user to same layout regardless of the platform he or she is using,
  4. sfidirectory

    [REQ] Free deep-linking software

    Hi all, I know of the hundreds of directory submitters etc out there, I am just wondering is there some (preferably free) software out there (besides the heavily priced but worth it Xrumer) that would create back links for other pages in your website at the same time, not just the home page? My...
  5. H

    Linking to the domain or the article?

    Heyas, I am just after some clarification of where you guys recommend pointing your links to when trying to promote a website with pages targetted at different long tail keywords. I have completed a decent backlink network based around the diagram tutorial and link wheel articles posted...
  6. entreprenuer

    deeplinking? how exacttly does it work?

    I heard that you can pull deeplinks from your site and post them on the web to dramatically increase your google rankings. But first off what the heck is deeplinking? and how do you pull deeplinks from your site? please help me if you can. thanks and regards
  7. S

    Some Quick and Easy ways to get good backlinks

    OK folks, below are some good sites and 'legal' ways to quickly get good backlinks to your sites' and also deeplink your sites' inner pages: hxxp:// Use Clipclip to create relevant groups (name your groups the same as your keywords) to your sites' theme and then deeplink...
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