1. B

    [ASK] Scrapebox with Decaptcher

    Can decapther solving for Scrapebox > addons > Google Competition Finder? If can, how to use? Because i try check with 1 proxy + anticaptca failed. For now i use 20 dedicated proxy with 5s delay for 1 keyword and worked, but waste my time if i check 100K keyword. Any suggest?
  2. A

    Need a Traffic Bot with Decaptcher......possible auto $100/day method.

    Guys I need a Traffic bot that has a decaptcher. I have been working on a $100/day method. But the only think lacking is a Traffic Bot with a decaptcher cause my with my normal bot my method has been very unpredictable. I will share the method once I can achieve a stable $100/day. Right now I am...
  3. nirmar

    Cheap and Best Bypass Captcha Service (1.33$ per 1 k)

    MODERATOR NOTE: Per the announcement I made on July 17, 2015, I am now closing this thread. After the OP has renewed his/her Jr. VIP membership, he/she may contact a moderator to re-open this thread. Thank You - "Wiz" 5k Captcha package free for first 5 JR vip or power member. 1k captcha...
  4. monk13

    how to fix decaptcher in old tools

    if you've got old seo programs that haven't updated since decaptcher moved, they probably don't work anymore i ran into this same issue myself a while back here is how i fixed it add these lines to your hosts file #decaptcher fix
  5. P not working, need SEnuke alternative

    Hi all, I am having trouble getting to work with SEnuke and their sites always seem to be down and having trouble, so I need a recommended alternative from this list below based on price and quality: bypass captcha beatcaptchas death by captcha Any ideas? Cheers!

    Captcha Solver Software?

    Hi guys, are there any captcha solver software available? Im spending more than $30 a day in captcha alone.. I don't care about the price and the hardware requirements if in the long run it will save me a lot of money. P.S. What does decaptcher and deathbycaptcha use in solving captchas? I...
  7. A

    [WTB] Credits - $1.00

    I want to give decaptcher service a trail and I want somebody to help me to transfer just $1.00 to my account. I will pay in LR (Liberty Reserve) I hope to be helped.
  8. sfidirectory

    Need to buy Decaptcha credits - will pay upto $10...

    Hi everyone, Tried to buy some Decaptcher credits today but somehow they won't let me use my PayPal account to pay for the credits, so am wondering if anyone has some credits they would like to sell to me? I already have a Decaptcher account so all you would need to do is to transfer the...
  9. imagetypers

    Captcha decoding service with fast response time

    We have developed new captcha decoding service Presently we are directly integrated with CLAD,Magic submitter,Article marketing robot,facebookdevil and myadtools and trying to integrate with lots of softwares.We are solving captchas with more than 95% accuracy.Our average...
  10. C

    Scrapebox won't fast post or slow post

    Hi, I started using Scrapebox, and it scrapes fine, but as soon as I try to comment it won't work. I get the failure and success alerts about the posts, but when I visit the blogs where Scrapebox supposedly commented, there are no posts there. If I post manually via internal or default...
  11. R

    How Many Captchas You Solve Per Day ?

    Hello folks!! Just to get an idea that which tool and which catpcha service company as a combination is hottest in BlackHat Methods. So I will appreciate if you guys tell me 1: Which Tool(s) are you using 2: Which Captcha Company/companies are you using 3: How many captchas per day you get...
  12. nessebar

    Incorporate decaptcher into imacros. IMacros + DeCaptcher Tutorial.

    Incorporate decaptcher into imacros. It's pretty easy to setup. -==Ok Lets Begin=-- NOTE: To use DeCaptcher You have to Install Apache and PHP5 on Windows: It is quite simple with WampServe. - DOWNLOAD WampServer 2.0i here - After download, install and...
  13. sfidirectory

    I have $20 worth of un-needed decaptcher credits

    Hi everyone, I've had $20 worth of decaptcher credits sitting in my account for months now and I want to sell them or exchange them for something. My ideas are as follows: 1. Sell the decaptcher credits for $15 PayPal 2. Exchange them for quality targeted visitors to my website 3. Exchange...
  14. W

    Need Credit Transfer

    Hi, i've tried adding $10 to Decaptcher for few credits to use with a new automated tool but it doesn't work for me so can any one help me? I need a help from someone that have credits on his account you'll just transfer me $8 (to my Decaptcher acc) for 4000 decaptcher credit...
  15. sfidirectory

    Want to sell/trade for decaptcher credits

    Hi everyone, I have about $20 worth of decaptcher credits that I have had sitting unused in my account for months now and want to either sell them for something like $15 or trading them for something. I'm not sure if I can transfer my decaptcher credits over to someone elses account but if...
  16. T

    Asirra and decaptcher

    Hello all Is anybody using to bypass asirra captchas? I'm asking because I can't make it to work here on my computer. So, does anybody has the asirra captcha solving working on decaptcher? Thanks
  17. M

    PHP Curl Post to Decaptcher, just can't get it to work, help appreciated

    This is driving me crazy.. I have been doing a lot of work in php curl lately and have been able to make bots that successfully post to websites but in trying to use the Decaptcher POST method of submitting data I am just unable to get it to work... I would appreciate if anyone can help...
  18. M1ndfluX

    Decaptcher and plimus... #(@$%&@%$

    Few weeks ago when i did a payment my credits were done and up within a few minutes but lately it takes over 6/7 hours when i get my new bought credits. Takes ages... P called me yesterday saying, yeah ok all is fine etc etc... Nope. Its not. Anyone else having this lately?
  19. R not loading my funds

    Hi. I have been using services for a long time and never had a problem with them. But yesterday I loaded funds and didn't appear in my account. On plimus ( their payment gateway) it shows me that the order is still in pending status for more than 1 day. I tried to contact both...
  20. N

    SRo Java Captcha Decode (Captcha Breaker)

    I saw an decapcher... Its awsome... :S Decoding hard's captcha's ;// YouTube - silkroad iBot + Anti Captcha coded by: iBotForFun Any1 know how to make like that?
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