1. S

    Weird de-indexing of my website

    Starting on May 21 my site started slowly being de-indexed in google. That's what my gsc shows: The number of HTTPS urls also goes down (and it also started on May 21): The same goes for mobile usability pages (although it has started on May 19): Before that, on May 10 I started pages...
  2. Marcus Wills

    Hi guys

    Hi, I am new at this forum, but not new at the ORM industry, I do online removals.
  3. S

    I Can't find the reason why my website is being de-indexed

    My website "Casino Related" is being deindexed since End of Jan due. The whole story goes like this : - We were being DDos attacked during Jan and IT decided to block foreign access - Traffic goes down to 0 in a manner of a week - We noticed the change and quickly inform IT to unblock on End of...
  4. 1

    [Question] Will using a different domain name reindex my website?

    Hey there, for the past few weeks my website has been doing the so called Google Dance. However, it hasn't appeared in the search results at all for the last week. I'm a bit concerned since my website used to be in the top 10 results. I did not use any blackhat methods except for when I...
  5. D

    How I re-indexed my website in 24hrs

    Hi guys I wanted to do a test on Google penalties on 0day websites. This is what I did: DAY 1 Registered a domain, installed WP, started posting original content Started to do heavy backlinking (1Million Xrumer Blast + 500K Scrapebox blast) with direct backlinks to my money site...
  6. T

    Google Dance VS. Google Slap - The Great Scrapebox Experiment

    Ok, I've been hearing" well if spamming can get you de-indexed" we could just spam the hell out of our competitors sites and have them removed. They state this with the authority of someone who's been promised "life is fair" or as if you can't click on a competitors Adsense all day...
  7. J

    How to de-index a page?

    Hi i'm wondering how I would go about de-indexing a page which slanders my business.. The keyword is completely uncompetitive so that's not a problem. Is there anyway to de-index this single page or would it be better to 'drown' it out with other pages of my own so nobody sees it? Any advice...
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