dating affiliated network

  1. F


    Hi, my name is Fadil, I want to ask what is the best way to promote CPA dating using Instagram?
  2. Demi Kwan

    Are there SEO traffic partners suitable for dating offers?

    Wish to buy SEO traffic and promote in-house dating offers in CPL/CPS/CPA modes. Where's the best place to find these networks or webmasters? Thanks!
  3. TheWiredOnces

    Which is best DATING smartlinks Affiliate Platform?

    Hello guys, Which DATING smartlinks Affiliate Platform you prefer without Lospollos, adverten, crakrevenue, Mylead Or imonetizeit Those network?
  4. N

    Pay Per Call Dating Offers Need

    I have a lot of dating traffic in the US. I need a pay per call offer
  5. R

    i want help on cpa networks

    Hello dear members Actually I work with cpagrip but I need dates offers I want a company accept beginners immediate and without review and thank you
  6. Adilpro

    CPA for Dating offers

    Hi, I want to start working with dating offers + instagram but I'm not sure which CPA network is better I already got approved in Maxbounty but I don't know if it's the best one to go with it Any suggestions guys ?
  7. podbot81887

    Investing $1k-$2k to adult ads network! Juicyads, etc..

    Is it worth it to invest my money to adult ads network promoting my adult campaign with a budget $1k-$2k?
  8. beastkay

    Have anyone tried promoting gay dating?

    I was just thinking to start doing it because making money is the only point in my head right now and money talks so will try this too. But what will be the best way through tube sites or gay forums? What you guys think and anyone is doing it so let me know whether I'm thinking correct or not!
  9. clonetrooper

    My short introduction :)

    Hi, i am new here in this community but already a long time in the online business. Our main projects are in the online dating all kinds of niches and affiliate space. looking forward to be a part of this new community to find new online buddies and business relationships :) cheers clonetrooper ;)
  10. Prem1510

    Affilate Dating

    I need Dating Affilate site with rss feed plz help me
  11. PIM Keyzer

    What Do You Think About Affprofile

    Hello Guys, Recently i have join Affprofile affiliate program. they did there best to serve me as affiliate. i'm happy with them because they have single smart-link on mainstream niche also they pay me timely. Now guys do you have any experience in Affprofile what do you think about this...
  12. datingsitespot

    How to promote smartlinks?

    Hello, So I have got approved for a few CPAs that they look very cool and awesome looking from the platform. The only problem is that they have only a few smartlinks inside. They promise to have 1000 of offers in it for any GEOs which is awesome, but they don't allow email traffic and of...
  13. Eric Lass

    Any Dating offers Advertiser Here?

    I'm behalf of CpaBestOffer . want direct Dating offers Advertiser .is anyone interested. we have fraud detection system also have reliable affiliates .
  14. Z

    Please some one give a good method for CPA - DATING Offers

    Please some one give a good method for CPA - DATING Offers ...
  15. r3L4x

    Or there is good affiliate network for dating websites?

    Hello all, I have few dating projects and wanted to know maybe someone is working with affiliate legit network, that pays for registration or for click, or for lead??? So if you know something please post in here, thanks!
  16. Lake

    Urgently looking for Arab dating affiliate network

    Hi, Im looking urgently for dating affiliate network that accept Arabic traffic. Thank you!!
  17. D-Eye

    Long walk to becoming a legend

    So, I have been lurking around BHW for quite a while now, and amongst other things I have gathered that there are a lot of incomplete journeys that people start and never complete and I do not blame anyone because it is not easy to see something through. Especially when you face challenges. My...
  18. Upforit

    Looking for Seasoned Dating Affiliates

    Hi everyone, If you had HQ Dating Affiliate Traffic hit me on skype [email protected] Cheers! ;) Marina
  19. flashsites

    Activation on Dating Site

    Hi. I've been able to find my aquisition strategy thanks to BHW and its helpful members. Now that I'm getting 20-25 users a day I have another problem...How do I get these people to talk? I've tried running a promotion offering a smart watch for 20 lucky people who message but no dice. Any...
  20. ByOffersCPA – monetize EDU traffic into BIG money!