dating affiliate program

  1. T

    Need help in niche dating to convert

    Hello to all, I have a telegram group in the niche of dating and I redirect to a capture page called Jacquie et Michel contact (dating site very well known in France). However I can not convert at all. To give you an idea each day I have about 300-400 people who click on my link and 60-70...
  2. V

    Hey world! Newbie here, any advice on dating?

    Tbh I've tried to work with sweeps about a year ago, but it didn't go well. And now I'm thinking to try myself at dating. So here I am, looking forward to make a fortune ;) Right now I'm trying social media traffic (organic) on various smartlinks, but still in seek for the best. Any tips or...
  3. H

    CPA Dating Doubt [HELP]

    I want to employ the typical cpa dating methods, but I am backing out as I think that even if the offers are SOI and DOI, It won't be good quality to register a person, or will it? I mean the idea is to keep the person on the site right? Will there be any problem if the clicks match the...
  4. F


    Hi, my name is Fadil, I want to ask what is the best way to promote CPA dating using Instagram?
  5. TheWiredOnces

    Do you know those offers owner?

    Hello Everyone, I am working as affiliate marketer In dating Mostly and there is some of affiliate Network who have those offers. and epc are quite good. I was wondering if there anyone knows which website are owner of those offers/Direct advertiser? of those offers? banghiswife( . )com...
  6. IdenLevy007

    Looking for Dating Offers Advertiser

    Hello, I have HQ traffic. I am looking for direct dating offers advertiser. How can i get connect with them anyone have idea about it?
  7. beastkay

    [Method] How to make money using Dating plus Messenger applications?

    Hello BHWers, Today I will be sharing a method I think some of people might be knowing but not performing and some of them will be milking it on large scale. I have some known contacts from T3 countries who have teams for doing this method but someone who is good at developing chat bots or...
  8. B

    Have a POF Ads Account?? Dating Affiliate Program?

    Hi! I'm looking for someone who has a POF ads account that's still operational and in good standing. I'd like to buy it or at the very least use it to advertise. Also, if you're familiar with dating affiliate traffic let's talk! Thanks
  9. Bahiij

    Promoting Cpa offers via Sms marketing??

    Hey everyone I'm a newbie here and also in the cpa field, So does anyone here has any idea or already tried promoting offers Via Sms?? If YES what program or website u have used to send Messages ??
  10. saiyan zoobie

    What offer to use for Tinder traffic?

    Is there anyone who is using Tinder traffic and doing good? I have found the way to use how to run account on various dating sites like Tinder, Happn and others. I just want to know which offer converts best for tinder? Can I send link in tinder chat for instance my LP link? Maxbounty...
  11. MartinAff

    I am new here

    Hey guys, I am glad to be here and share my knowledge with you! I deal with dating traffic mostly. Also I teach a few guys how to send traffic. Got a huge base of free sources where to take free traffic and send it to smartlinks. Looking for refferals here who want to learn CPA Marketing and I...
  12. R

    i want help on cpa networks

    Hello dear members Actually I work with cpagrip but I need dates offers I want a company accept beginners immediate and without review and thank you
  13. P

    Looking for Adult&Dating offer, specifically ALT.COM

    Hello BHW family, I'm a publisher and mainly working in Adult&Dating verticals. I'm looking for the ALT.COM offer with good rate and No CB restrictions and weekly payout. Anyone has an offer for this and let me get an account.
  14. Icey Dan

    [Knowledge Bomb] Get High Converting Dating Leads From Facebook

    Hey guys. After 5 years on the forums I finally caved and bought Jr Vip - and I couldn't be happier. To celebrate I figured I would drop some valuable knowledge I've used to make a few thousand over the last few months. Enjoy! So there is a growing community of Facebook groups dedicated to...
  15. L

    Affiliate Dating site adult site

    Im a online marketing specialist im selling membership subscription for almost 10yrs Dating site and Adult site i have alot of Agent marketer i can provide alot of sales is there anyone can help me and give me some affiliates to sell it thanks you!.. in advance
  16. dezin

    Need some good suggestion in promoting Dating CPA offers

    Hey, I am new into CPA, I would like to work on CPA dating niche. I tried some method of marketing in some free dating platforms but failed to get leads. Can anyone suggest me blogs, case study or authentic tutorial where I can learn a-z? I have already lost good money which I saved to learn...
  17. dezin

    Suggest Some CPA sites on Dating Niche

    Hello, I am new in CPA, and interested to work on Dating Niche will really appreciate if you guys suggest me some good networks for the affiliate program. Thanks in advance
  18. ashu261986

    Snapchat traffic not converts for adult dating offers

    Hello Guys anyone using snapchat traffic for adult dating ? i am using snapchat traffic 1 since year having daily 50k+ story views from tier1 and tier2 countrys but not converting like earlier hard to reach $80 daily earlier easily i reach $500 i am using ppl offers from imonatizeit anyone...
  19. clonetrooper

    My short introduction :)

    Hi, i am new here in this community but already a long time in the online business. Our main projects are in the online dating all kinds of niches and affiliate space. looking forward to be a part of this new community to find new online buddies and business relationships :) cheers clonetrooper ;)
  20. Prem1510

    Affilate Dating

    I need Dating Affilate site with rss feed plz help me