dating affiliate program

  1. fbformoney

    [Affiliate Network] Introducing - The Click-Partner

    Hello Guys , I have been in IM for sometime now , we a group of highly motivated media buyers created this affiliate network with offers which are having good conversion rates. Top Verticals : Dating , Sweeps , COD , Nutra and etc. Top Geos : USA, Germany , Portugal , Mexico and etc. Contact...
  2. R

    New seo person here

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, but not new to online marketing. Over the past 10 year, I've been involved in managing 50+ dating websites and driving traffic through various strategies I've joined this forum to explore opportunities to know more about mathods to increasing traffic...
  3. M

    How to make a Farm for DA work in Europe? Recommendations or solution!

    Interested in the experience of people who created their own farm to generate traffic to the adalt sphere through dating apps. Can anyone share their experience, what is needed for this and how to implement it properly? We can do it in partnership if you have experience and a desire to...
  4. Porter.parter

    Affiliate program for OnlyFans [my models and chatters + your traffic]. Making from $1000 per day

    Hi, I'm a porter parter from OnlyFans agency Fermio. I am currently managing 6 models and looking for a new way to scale for them Right now together with my team we are already making between $1000-$1500 on one form from scratch. But I want more I'm a marketer and I've been working since 2018...
  5. S

    How to best monetize my facebook profile of a woman?

    So I figured I'd start my affiliate marketing journey in the adult niche. The first basic thing that came to mind was to start a facebook account as a girl, join tons of dating groups and start adding and interacting with the true simps. I succesfuly managed to verify it once it got locked, so I...
  6. Sajib Poddar

    What is the best affiliate network for Dating Smartlink

    Hello, currently I'm using LosPollos and iMonetizeIt. Can you guys suggest me a better network where I can run Dating smartlink offer and get a positive results.
  7. T

    Need help in niche dating to convert

    Hello to all, I have a telegram group in the niche of dating and I redirect to a capture page called Jacquie et Michel contact (dating site very well known in France). However I can not convert at all. To give you an idea each day I have about 300-400 people who click on my link and 60-70...
  8. V

    Hey world! Newbie here, any advice on dating?

    Tbh I've tried to work with sweeps about a year ago, but it didn't go well. And now I'm thinking to try myself at dating. So here I am, looking forward to make a fortune ;) Right now I'm trying social media traffic (organic) on various smartlinks, but still in seek for the best. Any tips or...
  9. H

    CPA Dating Doubt [HELP]

    I want to employ the typical cpa dating methods, but I am backing out as I think that even if the offers are SOI and DOI, It won't be good quality to register a person, or will it? I mean the idea is to keep the person on the site right? Will there be any problem if the clicks match the...
  10. F


    Hi, my name is Fadil, I want to ask what is the best way to promote CPA dating using Instagram?
  11. TheWiredOnces

    Do you know those offers owner?

    Hello Everyone, I am working as affiliate marketer In dating Mostly and there is some of affiliate Network who have those offers. and epc are quite good. I was wondering if there anyone knows which website are owner of those offers/Direct advertiser? of those offers? banghiswife( . )com...
  12. IdenLevy007

    Looking for Dating Offers Advertiser

    Hello, I have HQ traffic. I am looking for direct dating offers advertiser. How can i get connect with them anyone have idea about it?
  13. beastkay

    [Method] How to make money using Dating plus Messenger applications?

    Hello BHWers, Today I will be sharing a method I think some of people might be knowing but not performing and some of them will be milking it on large scale. I have some known contacts from T3 countries who have teams for doing this method but someone who is good at developing chat bots or...
  14. B

    Have a POF Ads Account?? Dating Affiliate Program?

    Hi! I'm looking for someone who has a POF ads account that's still operational and in good standing. I'd like to buy it or at the very least use it to advertise. Also, if you're familiar with dating affiliate traffic let's talk! Thanks
  15. Bahiij

    Promoting Cpa offers via Sms marketing??

    Hey everyone I'm a newbie here and also in the cpa field, So does anyone here has any idea or already tried promoting offers Via Sms?? If YES what program or website u have used to send Messages ??
  16. saiyan zoobie

    What offer to use for Tinder traffic?

    Is there anyone who is using Tinder traffic and doing good? I have found the way to use how to run account on various dating sites like Tinder, Happn and others. I just want to know which offer converts best for tinder? Can I send link in tinder chat for instance my LP link? Maxbounty...
  17. MartinAff

    I am new here

    Hey guys, I am glad to be here and share my knowledge with you! I deal with dating traffic mostly. Also I teach a few guys how to send traffic. Got a huge base of free sources where to take free traffic and send it to smartlinks. Looking for refferals here who want to learn CPA Marketing and I...
  18. R

    i want help on cpa networks

    Hello dear members Actually I work with cpagrip but I need dates offers I want a company accept beginners immediate and without review and thank you
  19. P

    Looking for Adult&Dating offer, specifically ALT.COM

    Hello BHW family, I'm a publisher and mainly working in Adult&Dating verticals. I'm looking for the ALT.COM offer with good rate and No CB restrictions and weekly payout. Anyone has an offer for this and let me get an account.
  20. TheSlug

    The Adult & Dating & iFrame Offers Affiliate Network - ViceOffers (since 2014)

    Around since 2014 - An affiliate network you can trust We send payments every Tuesday. Questions about offers or your account? Contact BigPapa on skype: live:kieron_282
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