1. onestro

    Starting a platform for dating, need traffic ideas

    Hello, BHW forum members and colleagues, A client is launching a platform for dating only for the German market auditory. Focused on men who buy a pack of coins to chat with women that are registered on this platform. The website is under construction at this moment, however, the client wants to...
  2. speedie

    I Need to Date an Internet Marketer, a Cute Girl

    Hey, Before you raise an eyebrow on this thread, I'm damn serious and don't give a shit whatever criticism I may come up against. I am 26 years right now and need a girl who will understands I'm a full-time internet marketer and we share/do stuff together ;) Currently I study as MSc student in...
  3. P

    Wordpress Categorisation Help

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is any way that you can categorise Wordpress by a date? Basically I want to have "events" that are dated in the future, and there may well be numerous events on any single date. I want to create a post for each event, and then people can just hopefully...
  4. AngoraSpace

    How to Hide Date and Update Snippet Description?

    Dear All I want to hide all the date from snippet and search engine. What should I do to remove all the date from all search engine? And I want my description snippet regarding from post content. Not prev / next post, copyright, social media, etc. So, what should I do now? Regards
  5. C

    Looking for the best date affiliate

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a good date affiliate network. Do you have any suggestions? Sorry for my bad english! :rolleyes:
  6. popzzz

    Auto Copyright - Set It Forget It

  7. Xp3r7

    11.11.11 - Are you superstitious?

    The title says pretty much all. I'm just curious if you're superstitious. =) For those of you, who don't like their life, may be today is the day to start a "new" life.
  8. E

    Is the date relevant?

    If I post an article today, but wait say a week or two to start using it for article marketing will the results be different then if I just started advertising it the same day?
  9. mystery

    Good Reliable Nigerian Dating Affiliate Network?

    Does anyone know of any good Nigerian dating affiliate network? If not exclusively for Nigerian dating, then is there a good network that allows linking and retrieving of links for diff categories and countries, including Nigeria? Thanks! EDIT: If no network, then is there any ebook or...
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