1. oldguyjoe

    LTE dongle colocation aka "setup 4G proxy anywhere" - why is this not a thing yet?

    I am sure most here are aware of the term colocation when it comes to server hardware. I was just thinking about how annoying it is to get mobile proxy in specific countries, where one does not live and is therefore forced to use local providers and overpaying multiple times for the service and...
  2. MarMour

    Proxies (Residential vs Datacenter) !?

    Hi, is there a way to determine if the proxy is Residential or Datacenter? a tool maybe or indication. I search on Google and YouTube and all i can find is the definition. i hope there is someone who can answer this. Thanks in Advance
  3. D

    want to order DCs of co-located servers

    Hey guys, I have a blocks of IPs and I want to route them to my DCs, I don't find any DCs Provider can help me on this , anyone can help me ??
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