1. Aureus

    Large Databases of Semrush Keywords in Various Niches! A Lot of Keywords with Traffic and No Competition! Volume, KD, CPC

    What is the best way to use these databases? For example, you can make simple websites and earn money on Google Adsense, Amazon,, Viglink, Dating affiliates,,, etc. Semrush Keyword Difficulty Very easy, 0-14% - Your chance to start ranking new pages Easy, 15-29% -...
  2. Aureus

    ✈️✈️✈️ Fresh Keyword Databases with Low Competition | Dating, Adult Dating | US, UK, AU, CA, NZ, IE, DE, AT, CH, NL, FR,...

    Dating Geo Regular dating. I took popular phrases from Google Ads, which people wrote with cities, states, provinces, etc. and made substitutions for other cities. I took cities with a population of over 2,000 Dating Geo US - 8,709,147 keywords. March 2023. United States. Price - $40 example...
  3. H

    Macros (Scripting). Self Botting. ( Probably the most lucrative post you'll see in a while)

    As a kid I loved Dragonball z. One day I found a 2d gaming site, full of anime games. One game I played people had the power level of 1000000 (You had to sit there and Press "P" to press the punching bag. Where my powerlevel was only 300. No matter what I did. One day I found out that these...
  4. A

    EmailDataPro - Email Databases, Business Emails, Consumer Emails, Targeted Emails, Email Sending – The #1 Trusted Business List & Email List Supplier We offer numerous business email / consumer email / targeted email lists that can help you expand your company. At Email Data Pro, we work hard to provide only the top quality information and that is why our business email /...
  5. Charlie1980

    In need of freelancer for websites, SEO, databases, Advertising, blogging ongoing work

    Hi I am looking for someone to work 4 hours a day/5 days a week - $60 to start with increase with work progression I need ongoing social media work on my accounts pushing my websites and petitions building a database at the same time I need constant promotion and trend information through...
  6. S

    Looking to buy Database

    Hi, I am interested in buying database from you. Please get back to me as soon as you see this, All the best, Scot.norton8184 (SKYPE)
  7. C

    Copy a database?

    Hi there, I am new to this forum, and I have been trying to use the search function but so far I haven't found anything useful regarding this topic. Anyway.. There's a site called eatthismuch and I would like to copy/rip this database to see how the person made this. Can anyone help me out...
  8. B

    I know someone in CHINA that fixes MYSQL

    and all other kinds of databases and hard drive errors. They are actaully scaling up a big business for themselves but they want work with US customers. They can speak English through ICQ, but their English website sucks. I said I could build them a website, but --- is there any market for...
  9. sfidirectory

    Need some advice with web interfaces and databases

    Hi everyone, I have been studying relational databases for a few months now (have learned components like E.R.D diagrams, cardinality, optionality, primary and foreign keys etc) and am wondering is it best to create the database first or the web interface first? I am in stage 2 of creating an...
  10. G

    Database sites and redirects

    This is a very newbie question, but if someone can just give me the correct keywords and terms for what i am looking for i will start searching and figuring it out for myself. much appreciated. i will return the favor somehow.:) i am not new to IM or SEO, but just to this method. What is it...
  11. S

    Feeding RSS into a database

    I guys, I came across a thread here a while back that mentioned this - it was an explanation on how to make money from adsense and it mentioned creating MYSQL databases from Google trends. Ive found some nice software for creating RSS feeds. I want to feed these into an online non-indexded...
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