database coder

  1. TheNextItGirl

    Zip file way to big

    Hey there, I was given access to a database that holds over 15 million pieces of information. I have been going through hell and back trying to get it open today. Of course, It requires using some kind of zip file service but even the ones I've tried end up getting an error, file too large, etc...
  2. social1

    Looking for a Coder

    Hey, guys, I am looking for a coder to help me with some different front end/back end projects. The first one we need to be done is a simpler one. Basically what we need is someone to build out an image submission service for our website. 1) We want creators to be able to submit content...
  3. PandaBusters

    Universal Database of Minimum Posts with No-anchor-text

    Many blogs, forums, require a minimum number of posts (usually 15) before you can post anchor text/back links. It is good, therefore, to seek out these high Pagerank, do-follow sites, with the first post non-spam (manual post) and then spun articles pertain to keyword relevant news items, then...
  4. D

    Database coder required...

    I have a coder to build a scrape tool. I need the data auto loaded onto a database. I then require the database to auto create dynamic web pages. I want a dynamic web page created with the scraped content making up part of the auto created url. The pages will also contain a scraped image, a...
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