data entry

  1. T

    Need foreign business partners to sell Thai products worldwide no need selling and marketing experience.

    We are a startup company who has vision to distribute Thai products globally. Many Thai products are considered hard or rare to find offshore as most Thai sellers do not ship to other countries. Many Thai products can be sold and get 200-1000 % profit in many foreign countries. Limited...
  2. Adehbest

    A new Data Analyst needs help

    Please I need help, I am a freelancer who just finished learning data Analysis (visualization), I have good Microsoft Excel skills, Microsoft Power BI and SPSS skills, but my problem is I don't know my target audience and I really need to social media to send cold emails. Please, who can I...
  3. Sceptic

    [WTH] Data Entry Task

    I need someone to take care of a data entry task. Must be as cheap as possible (it's a relatively big task). Send me your rate per hour. Thanks.
  4. Arsalan Nazar

    [JV] Your Upwork Account My Work

    Hello Blackhatworld, I am a data entry operator, internet researcher means clients give me instructions like find specific titles such as ceo,manager of different fields from their given company list or they want me to find companies from google, linkedin or using other methods. I hope you got...
  5. sajal mahmud

    Premium Leads Generation Service at Affordable Price From LinkedIn, Google, Social Media, Directory | Starts at only 0.28 USD

    Please knock us for the coupon code Note: Anyone can get the sample before placing an order. Please knock us through skype, WhatsApp, telegram for samples for our previous work. Order Link: Refund Policy: 1. We would only refund the total amount of the package...
  6. selfcommando

    Question and Suggestion about kwork (dot) com???

    Hello friends, Looking for your suggestion about kwork (dot) com platform. Yesterday I got an active candidacy from a job poster on Upwork they said me to add them on Whatsapp. Today they said that they are a recruiter of KWORK and want me to work on their "Image to Word" data entry project by...
  7. CreativeDaddy

    [WTH] VA for data entry

    Hi, Looking to hire a VA for a really simple data entry job. The task should take 2/3 hours max + possibility to hire for future tasks. Please pm here or on telegram @CreativeDaddy with refs & hourly rate. Cheers CreativeDaddy
  8. William702

    [HAF] Looking to hire a freelancer to list products for me

    Thanks for looking! I'm looking for some freelancers who just want to earn some extra cash during these crazy times which is steady and consistent. I'm looking for a person that can list products for me on a few platforms. All of the info for the listings will be provided as well as the photos...
  9. L

    Content Copy

    Hello is there any software tool which can help me to copy all content from website n to a word file quickly Thank You
  10. squinter

    Plurj Virtual Assistant Service - Super Affordable VA's For As Low As $245/Month Full Time

    FAQs: What payment method do you accept? - Payoneer, Paypal, Bitcoin Do you offer discounts? - Unfortunately no, our price is already one of the cheapest in the market. What is your refund policy? - If the Virtual Assistant is not able to deliver the task given during his/her first shift, we...
  11. D

    Do you have Crunchbase Pro and/or

    Do you have Crunchbase pro with unlimited CSV exportable files? In that case, I need your help! I need a CSV file with a list of European and US small-medium businesses and e-commerces along with email address, LinkedIn page ( if they have one), and company website. Online services, online...
  12. b_hatW

    Hiring 5 Peoples [ A Team ] for Facebook page Ads

    I had a Facebook page, now which has 3k liker and followers, i want to increased it by 50k real liker or followers within a specific country, within one month, so i need 5 freelancers [a team will be better]. For one month the team will get 1500$ USD fixed no negotiations, thanks Who used...
  13. L

    how to scrape these contact details

    Hello I need help please can some one help me i need contact information of this list if its mobile number facebook or website I have done 120 please can come one help me in this i will be desperately waiting for your reply
  14. kd199121

    Can anybody tell the best data entry jobs website which pays good ?

    I need list of data entry jobs website which pays weekly And atleast pay 5$ or some good amount for an hour or something to eanr 15 to 20$ per day Thank you -
  15. Poor_Man

    (Need Guide)Ho to Learn lead generation work (Paid)

    Hello BHW Members I need help for data entry.. lead generation work How to Learn Example for Fiverr
  16. L

    Need help in research

    Please little little help will give me some ideas if you can help me in this down below We are a private equity firm in diligence with a sports nutrition company that sells through Amazon (as a third party seller on its marketplace). Before we make any investments, we'd like to see if...
  17. Muhammad Husnain Habib

    Can Anyone help me to rank my gig of fiverr on 1st page?

    I want to viral my gig on fiverr to get more orders. Need SEO experts
  18. Muhammad Husnain Habib

    Hello BHW Members

    Are you looking for a Virtual Assistant? It's my pleasure to work for you !!!
  19. L

    Need to Solve this question

    I have thousands of images i want to put it in 1 file without losing image quality other then Pdf and Ms Word is there any other program please Thank You
  20. Meerakat

    Found a data entry job - probs scam

    Hi there. So I basically got a call from some guy saying he found me on some platform and saw my resume and then he thought I was suitable for the data entry job. We had some chit-chat then he asked me for my government issued ID and since I am not 18 I provided a fake driving license so that I...