data capture


    How much should i pay?

    How much should i pay to someone for lead generation for usa b2c for health related niche?
  2. Maverick1111

    How to scrap's data?

    Hello, Is anyone has Data, or is anyone know how to scrap the data from, I am looking for flat sellers contact numbers. Thanks.
  3. P

    Anybody from China who could Data mine for me?

    I want the list of jewellery purchaser and gemstone purchaser from China who are into this business. Their email ids and phone number...
  4. A

    Need to find website adresses and emails (spidering/scraping gig)

    I have a major list of companies for which I need the website url, general email addresses and contact person (C-level preferably) details. Theres about 10k contacts in an excel sheet. Its a spidering scraping gig
  5. ElisaDataBroker

    Hello BHW!

    Hello I'm Elisa! I've been working on a bunch on black/grey/white projects but right now I'm 100% into data monetization. I'm looking to buy (and sell, of course) any user data you may provide but especially web browsing activity, device IDs and email address MD5s, both for desktop and mobile...
  6. B

    Scrape Detailed Website Information - Stumped - Help!

    Hey guys. So I'm stumped and need your help... For example: I'd like to crawl and capture the following data: 1) UPC 2) Product Codes 3) Brand 4) Description 5) SRP 6) Discounted Price 7) Ratings 8) Reviews 9) Shipping Weight 10) Package Quantity 11) Dimensions 12) Price Bundles...
  7. T

    Help with locating a program that pulls data from websites (scraper, extractor etc.)

    Is their a program available that can pull data from websites? I am in commercial real estate in a particular niche. Their is no actual 'Multiple Listing Service' like residential property so I am not able to feed property data to my site. I manually pull them from broker emails which I...
  8. Z

    Data Capturer Needed For Ecommerce Project

    Hi there, We are looking for someone who can find and capture product information for us that we will use for our e-commerce website. The core of the work is as follows: 1.) There are going to be several hundred products that will need to be captured including text and images. 2.) The general...
  9. youtalk

    ~~ Web Data Extracting Software Needed ~~

    Here's what I would need. PLEASE DON'T PM ME. A software program that needs to take a batch of part numbers and quantities requested, go to each one of the assigned URL?s, log in (user name and password), and start taking the part numbers and quantities one by one and run a search on their...
  10. youtalk

    Custom program search

    Ok I've used software like this in the past, but I'm not sure what it would be called, or how to explain it to a developer. At my previous company, we had software that would take a part number, and go out to various websites (each site has a different login credentials and layout), log into...
  11. O

    Capture data from website

    I would like to capture data from a website. That site is similar to directory which contains name, desig, address, city, tele, fax, email, etc. These data will be available at the same place in different pages. Which is the best free tool/software to capture those data and get them in Excel...