data aggregator

  1. hero76

    Data extraction and landing page designer

    Have a nice in depth data extraction project working with public databases. I have full examples on what is needed in form of a csv file. if you are successful this will have a monthly pay out of $1,000 or more. First month pay will be in the $1,000 range for sure. Once data is extracted a...
  2. Jasmine Sky

    Has anyone used Lead Carrot for scraping emails? Otherwise what’s the best?

    hey guys this is my first post. I’m looking to scrape massive email data. I’m wondering your opinion. The only reason I may use them is that I do not have to worry about Proxies because they rotate Proxies in house from what I’ve read. I’m in a toss between D7, Lead scope, and LeadCarrot It...
  3. Maverick1111

    How to scrap's data?

    Hello, Is anyone has Data, or is anyone know how to scrap the data from, I am looking for flat sellers contact numbers. Thanks.
  4. U

    Need Biz Op Leads with Phone Numbers (Fresh)

    Need biz op databases with phone numbers.....must be pretty fresh (not older than 3 months). DM me.
  5. ElisaDataBroker

    Hello BHW!

    Hello I'm Elisa! I've been working on a bunch on black/grey/white projects but right now I'm 100% into data monetization. I'm looking to buy (and sell, of course) any user data you may provide but especially web browsing activity, device IDs and email address MD5s, both for desktop and mobile...
  6. T

    Help with locating a program that pulls data from websites (scraper, extractor etc.)

    Is their a program available that can pull data from websites? I am in commercial real estate in a particular niche. Their is no actual 'Multiple Listing Service' like residential property so I am not able to feed property data to my site. I manually pull them from broker emails which I...
  7. G

    [ Hiring ] Pakistani 'data scientists' for contract or full time work

    Hiring Pakistani 'data scientists' for contract or full time work Looking to hire individuals who have specific knowledge of, and skill set for 'data mining'. Knowledge of deep/dark web is also a must. Further skills: Hadoop, MapReduce, and the related ecosystem of...
  8. O


    New to the forum. If anyone is looking for email data let me know. I have Mortgage Refi., Auto Warranty, Tax Settlement, and Payday. PM me for the details. Have a great one!
  9. M

    Data Aggregation Script or Program for YouTube Videos?

    Does anyone know a site or program of have a script for tracking the moving view count of multiple YouTube videos from multiple usernames? I am trying to track a viral video campaign. The more videos that get posted the harder it is for me to track them all together as one. I would like to be...