customer acquisition

  1. PLennart

    [HIRE] Customer Support and Customer Acquisition Support

    Hello everybody! We are looking for a VA doing the customer support for our Social Media Management Agency. Also, we would like you to answer any new questions and messages on Instagram and to close new clients for us. (You will get paid by client too). We are thinking about paying one fixed...
  2. Thomas Andrew

    Facebook Ads overseas

    I am living in Canada. I want to run ads reaching clients in countries: India, Brazil ... The problem here is the time zone between different countries. Should I keep my ad campaign running continuously? Or I have to calculate the daylight hours in countries to run ads and Do the cost of...
  3. M

    Looking for expert freelancer in customer acquisition for subscription business

    Hi guys, I have a consumer goods subscription monthly box and I need some customer acquisition help. We aren't sure right now if we want to bring someone on board for equity or salary but are open to both, we have a great brand and product and we really just need to get ourselves out there on a...