custom url

  1. G

    My custom youtube URL is taken, but there is no page when I look up who is using my desired custom u

    Hello, I am trying to create a new custom youtube URL because my company has gone through a little rebranding. YouTube is saying my new url name is common and already taken. I could add numbers and letters to make a more custom url but I do not want to have to make the url more complicated...
  2. BlackHatter_SA

    PHP Pages and Wordpress

    Hi guys. Hoping some one on BHW can help me with this. I have a site with only php pages. Example: mysite. com/page1.php Now I want to switch over to wordpress, mostly because of the themes available etc but here is the problem, I have about 1000 of these php pages. If I switch over to...
  3. B

    YouTube Channel Custom URL shortcuts?

    I was tasked by a client to grab the custom YouTube channel URL for a new page. The 4 qualifiers they say you need are: Have 100 or more subscribers Be at least 30 days old Have an uploaded photo as channel icon Have uploaded channel art I bought 100 or so subscribers for the sake of the URL...
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