custom fields

  1. B

    [Help] WP Robot - Custom fields for images & thumbnails for articles.

    Hi guys, I have just setup my website.. now im trying setting up WP Robot. I need help with custom fields. I have a main features on the home page that displays features articles with a big picture (width: 650px height: 250px). How do I set a custom field for WP Robot to display an image to...
  2. Owlpic

    Filling up Custom fields with automation

    Hi, I have 4 custom fields in Wordpress: Field1: XXXXX Field12: XXXXX is good Field13: XXXXX is available for discount Field14: Grab XXXXX here As you can see that Field12, Field13 and Field14 totally depends on Field1. Currently I am manually filling up all these in Custom Fields box of...
  3. dichotom

    Convert Wordpress Custom Fields Into Tags

    Does anyone know of a wordpress plugin that will convert custom fields into tags? I have thousands of posts on one site that have no tags, and the relevant tag information is in custom fields. I would like make tags like this: tag: (custom field) (static text) Both combined together...
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