1. M

    Need some good tools for content sharing- curation ?

    Hi people ! today I be little bit stucked at my online research can you recommend me some good tools for free or fair monthly billing price like $5-8/ monthly: I look for: curation tools, find topic news, blogging news and curate and share it to my Wordpress site and to multi social media...
  2. A

    Monetizing Curated Content

    Hey guys, I'm starting up an IG that's curated boobies. I know I can grow this, but outside of being paid to promote the people whose content I'm curating....I'm at a bit of a loss on how monetizable this is? Sex sells, so the niche is strong, but it doesn't seem like the kind of CPA sex...
  3. A

    Does it make sense to use ig/twitter to promote music video groups?

    So I know this music video group I want them to succeed and be popular among people. They are close friends and frankly I wanna give them this as a gift. The thing is, I want to use ig and twitter (and maybe fb) to promote them. Its a hiphop/rnb group. ANd I would like this group be more...
  4. Abhijit Saha

    [HELP] I Need a Blog Post Curator

    When Writing articles for my blog I like to read the top 10 SERP for that Particular Keyword and brainstorm my article, But opening every article manually is a pain. So, can anyone suggest a app or software where i can curate them by Keyword or maybe entering the links manually so that I can...
  5. guru247

    Best Content curation Plugin?

    Hello, good day everyone, I want to start viral contents website using Contents curation plugins, I came across many plugin but I am kinda confused which will work for me better. I wanted to go with Viralism but it seems they shut down their service I also saw curation...
  6. ComtechDigital

    WordPress Blog Content Automation

    Hey all, I'm looking for a plugin for WP that will find relevant topics around a subject you choose and then automatically queue and post them on your blog. I know original content is better and blah blah blah but I'm still interested in this as an experiment. Any recommendations?