css coding

  1. Dmyles

    How to change link color?

    Hi, When I try to change the link color in my articles, it changes the every links including home pages.menus.etc. How do I fix it?
  2. F

    NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!!! I Think My H1 is Messy

    Hey guys, So, I was reading today and I came across the importance of H1. (I knew this already) I was a bit inquisitive and decided to view the page source of my blog post and I found this below. Why the HELL is there h3 over there? It has made me depressed guys" Okay, I felt it was...
  3. Rank wizard Ltd

    What programming language(s) to learn for building advanced web scrappers?

    I'd been an SEO guy for years now. And over time I've headed more towards building my niche blog network. It's going well so far, as long as ROI is concerned. As a part of my working methods, I've got to analyze tons of KW data, content pages and sort them out in some way that is presumably...
  4. J

    Custom CSS Editor to Make Website Imitating another

    I would like my blog to look just like another that I've found. It's either squarespace or wordpress. Please let me know if you can help. NOTE: I do not have privileges to PM you since I'm a newbie. JR VIP only.
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