1. chantelloo

    c# windows forms application which uses onnx data (exported from custom vision) for prediction

    hello, iam looking for a c# developer. i need a windows forms application (with source code of course)), which uses a onnx data (exported from custom vision) to do a "Multiclass (Single tag per image)" prediction. so, i pick a picture from my pc, and i get a prediction from the onnx data...
  2. S


    Im new here. Im sinno and are born 19th 88's. I live in Danmark and have some clients in some nearby counties. I can progam in Java & C# language. Thanks.
  3. Tanki Faruk

    [Unity Photon] OnRoomListUpdate not working

    It was working but no longer working and I don't know why. Error the room! because Game does not exist ! but when I created room OncreatedRoom method is working fine. OMG! Where is the problem ?
  4. Veil123

    [FREE] Free Ahrefs Reports & The Golden Hand of Veil123

    Hey guys! I know that many of you are having a real hard time getting back on feet after the problems that were brought to us because of this never-ending Covid-19 virus, therefore I am offering my help and expertise for those who are in need of: Fixing bugs/providing solutions for your...
  5. S

    Can I find remote job with no degree

    What do you think is a difficulty to find a remote job as a programmer with no degree and living in not US/Ca country(slav here). Where should i start looking for a that kind of work
  6. V

    [HELP] Need help finding a C# thread on the forum

    Hi guys, I am sorry that I have to post this because I have spent around 3-4 hours searching for a thread which a fellow member created here. The thread was related to C# and how he automated stuff using C#. I think the thread had a guide to learn C# for automating and scraping purposes. He had...
  7. flashsites

    C# signup bot guru

    Hi I'm working on a bot and have met my match. Can anyone help me finish this Skout bot? For some reason signup seems impossible. Even with selenium :(
  8. ivarga

    Looking for someone who is advanced in C# and the .NET framework

    I'm currently learning about crypters and this is what I've learned so far. A crypter consists of a builder and a stub. The builders role is to encrypt a file and the stub wraps the file and makes it run in a buffer aka in the memory of the machine it is being decrypted on. (Please do correct...
  9. ivarga

    Using a proxy with a webBrowser in C# IE

    Hello ther BHW members! I am working on a small web browser in C# .NET And I was wondering.. Could I use two text boxes 1 for the proxy ip and 1 for the port to hook the browser up with a proxy? If that is possible.. Could someone give me an example on how it would look like? Would be very...
  10. ivarga

    Creating my first android app help

    Hello! so im new to android development and Im going to create a wallpaper app as my first project because that, thats what I feel will on my feet to begin with, I've made a few wallpaper apps for the PC working with C# and the .NET Framework but im not sure the same concepts work for...
  11. BP247

    Looking for some C# coding help

    Hi, I'm stuck at YouTube captcha because the src link is dynamic and whenever I access the link, it gives me a new captcha. Can anyone please help me out and get me a peace of code, to get it resolved. I'm ready to pay for it as well, but need the sourcecode that really can do the job. Please...
  12. kytro360

    C#: Anyone have a WebRequests class?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone here has a Webrequests class they can share? I have been using one for some time now which lets me do the usual POST and GET request, but am trying to find one which also has code to do multipart requests. Any classes you may use to help would be...
  13. BP247

    [C# Discussion] WebRequest or WebBrowser for web automation?

    Question: What is recommended? And why? System.Net (HttpWebRequest/WebRequest/WebClient) OR WebBrowser control I know System.Net is much faster than WebBrowser, then what is the purpose of WebBrowser for web automation? Like filling and submitting a form online, simulating some mouse clicking...
  14. BP247

    Python vs C# (Discussion)

    1- Can we use Python for web as well as desktop (GUI) programing or which of them? 2- Do we have to install any Python related framework/libraries on a computer, where we want to run Python based program/application? Like we can't run a C# program on a computer with no .net framework installed...
  15. ajushi

    From PHP to C# and creating my own bot, how?

    Hi I'm currently a PHP programmer and with all the programs in the forums, I want to contribute my own as well but I don't know C# yet. I got a few questions: 1. How did you learn C#? What book would you recommend? 2. After learning C#, what should I do next? Thanks!
  16. C

    A great API for bot creation

    The API is called WatiN. It is for Web Application Testing but makes automation of sites easier. When I first started making bots a while back for a few games I played I used this API and within one night I had a decent working bot. I guess it's just to make it simpler to interact with...
  17. A

    Proxy tutorial using c# webbrowser - help!

    hi hellow I have list of proxy in the listbox and im trying to edit the registry i was able to change the proxy in the registry but my webbrowser doesnt load the html page. T_T *Note that the proxy im using is "alive" or should i say "its working" Here is the code i use: string key =...
  18. J

    Great C# 2008 And .Net 3.5 Book

    Hey guys this is my first post, and just wanted to say thanks for all you have helped me with. this is a pretty good book, and it goes pretty far into everything c#. Hope you guys like it. http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=a185b1506cd3bb6f931c7453395df025e04e75f6e8ebb871 Its actually 4...
  19. M

    Is there any reason to Learn PhP before Python (or C#)

    I've been bouncing around between all of these and I'm trying to stay focused on one. Generally, I do want to stay focused on web development but I keep hearing how PHP teaches bad habits. It seems like .NET has great resources for learning and Python just seems cool.
  20. M

    C#, Python, PHP...For Web Development What is the Best to Start with as Foundation?

    I know that similar questions have been asked but I would like to hear some more opinions on this. I would like to learn web development but also learn something that will allow me to pick up other skills relatively easy. Also, I would like to be able to make money with this skill beyond my...
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