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  1. Money Religion

    Keybase/Stellar 2 Billion XLM Airdrop? (Having issues)

    Basically, as stated in the following article > (https://chainbulletin.com/stellar-to-airdrop-2-billion-xlm/), at this very moment they're airdropping XLM. I decided to give it a try. Created an account, downloaded and linked up 3 different devices to my Keybase account, made sure that all the...
  2. X

    Hello fine people!

    Hi guys! If you've clicked on my post, I want to say thank you for tuning in. I just recently discovered BHW and thought I should sign up and see how it is like. I'm currently interested in making money online and just on the surface, I already can see a lot of great stuff up for grabs. Thanks guys!
  3. C

    Crypto ATMs

    How do you get in on the ground floor and operate your own Crypyo ATM?
  4. C

    Is Crypto mining only for institutional 'Qualified' investors now?

    Will the unqualified investor be able to generate revenue through crypto mining or have the big boys with their big bucks pushed the little guys out?
  5. C

    How Long Will it Take Cryptocurrency to Replace Fiats?

    How Long will it take cryptocurrencies to replace fiats and become the dominant currency of commerce?
  6. BringMeTraffic

    Looking for crypto investment leads!

    Hi guys Can anyone help me find some crypto investment leads? Looking for GEO's in Australia, Europe and UK. Feel free to send me a pm! :)
  7. BringMeTraffic

    Where can I find some good leads?

    Hey guys can anyone help me look for some leads for the cryptocurrency investment market? I'm looking for data in Australia and Europe :) I'm pretty new here so any help would be great! Thanks so much! Lydia
  8. silgro

    Free 200 WePower tokens (WPR)

    This is mesage from WePower official telegram group: " AIRDROP IS NOW ACTIVE: SUPPORT WPR TOKEN IN BINANCE COMMUNITY VOTE: https://www.binance.com/vote.html We’ve been nominated for the sixth session of “Community coin of the month” award on Binance Crytocurrency Exchange! Let’s get our...
  9. C


    I have invested in IOTA , RIPPLE , EOS but what do you think the next big crypto is that you can buy right now for less than $20 and why? Thank you