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  1. GNews

    [Case Study] Launching a Crypto News Site

    As stated before, I've been wanting to launch a crypto news site with staff. It's been done now. It's complete and rolling. Key Factors: 1) Name branding was amazing! I have 'Crypto' in domain name. For me, it was extremely hard to do this for a .com . Try yourself and see what you can...
  2. tokstesla

    Coindesk Advice

    Guys, can anyone please tell me how I can make my site as good as coindesk. I know this is too much but please I will like to benefit from your wealth of knowledge. @Zwielicht please I also need your opinion/contribution on this.
  3. Doozle22

    Cryptocurrencies aren't anonymous anymore

    It is no surprise that anonymity has been leaving bitcoin. Bitcoin is not as anonymous as it used to be. Monero the more anonymous bitcoin has been getting a lot of news as it is being used for many illegal purposes such as drugs and money laundering. South Korea today, however, is increasing...
  4. tamastorok

    CryptoNewsTracker - Customizable cryptocurrency news aggregator (need feedback)

    hi guys! There is a huge flux of articles about cryptocurrencies which makes it hard to cut through the noise. So my friend and I decided to build a cryptocurrency news aggregator that is customizable and sends you notifications once a new article is published about your selected...
  5. BitcoinAcademy

    How to monetize a website that produces cryptocurrency news

    Hi, I'm looking for several methods of monetization for a website in the crypto niche. I am currently brining in 100 views per day from bing, google, and social media. I have a bitcoin faucet, coinmamma referrals, bitcoin casino link, and an email opt in. So far, nearly 0 referrals but I'm...
  6. T

    RILCOIN:Decentralized Asset Management System (DAMS) ICO Pre-sale starts 1st Nov

    RILCOIN Decentralized Asset Management System (DAMS) with benefits of Fiat currency Ril-Token(RTK) Distribution The Concept The Central idea is to provide a platform designed purely for everyone, regardless of geographical barriers and present a digital currency affordable & usable by...