1. Jookar

    China BANS ❌ ALL Cryptocurrencies....Again What does this mean?

    Please anybody can go to China And talk to Xi Jinping that what he want really ! is He banning Bitcoin or is he Trolling. i dont Understanding this !!! ONE day he Accept and The Other day he Ban (MOODY JOODY) Watch out the video
  2. DOG

    Bitcoin Bulls VS Ethereum Bulls ???

    Hey Beautiful people’s I was checking the Weekly Gainer list of the Crypto market and get to know that on Weekly and Monthly only Bitcoin & Ethereum With High Volume are these only Two Coins which is traded on Same Range Area. #Bitcoin :- $45000 to $49000 #Ethereum :- $3200 to $4000...
  3. H

    South Africa & Singapore Banned Cryptocurrency !!!

    Earlier this week, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) ordered the crypto giant to stop providing payment services due to possibly violating local laws. first South africa and Now Singapore Too ! Whats Going on ! If this Keep Continues We will see Huge Dump in the Market ! Whats Your...
  4. TomTheCat

    Here is how you can make lots of money trading Crypto

    I've encountered a few times those kind of buyers that buy a coin with all their assets at market price (a spike is formed!). He tries to fill his buying order with all available selling orders. Those people have no clue what they are doing, but have lots of money to invest. If you have...
  5. H

    Bitcoin to $40000 ST Confirmed ✅ Here is WHY (Market Structure Forming)

    Hello Folks. I Just see an Amazing Structure based on Wyckoff & SM Concept and according to that, you might see bitcoin back to $40k Level even just for retest. I don't say this sure happens But the CHanges are more in this Situation Because we are about to close the weekly at the Range...
  6. H

    This Week is too Dangerous for Bitcoin Look that How

    Hello Beautiful Peoples :) i can see this is Second Day for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Not Moving Much and I come up with my this Analysis that if we dont Break and stay above $35000 this Week Then Might We will see again Bitcoin back to $28000 for Retest & Its Thats Happen That Unlucky Many things...
  7. H

    Binance Future Tricky Scam 2021

    Hey Folks, Today I'll Be Talk about Binance Scam Before that I wanna let you know that Binance is from one of the Top listed Crypto Exchanges in the world... Now many of you think why I set Title Binance future scam. Here is why because I am using Binance for over 4 Years Now and Many of you...
  8. A

    Crypto signals app

    Is this good idea to develop a crypto signals app with monthly subscription? Like with really good signals ? How many people will join? And how to advertise that app?
  9. Jefe12

    HODL guys!

    Too much red... HODL guys!!
  10. Jefe12

    Method, How to find new shitcoins with 0 holders (0 addresses) 1 minute old

    1. Go on the token you want to invest on Transactions 4.copy the address and paste it in your exange (for example pancakeswap) As you can see, recently launched tokens are a few minutes old with less than 10 addresses. that means that you will be one...
  11. Gianbattista

    Paypal to CryptoCurrency

    Hey guys, I need 5$ in cryptocurrency(BTC etc...), could you suggest me where to buy it using paypal?? Thanks
  12. GrandCash

    Need a cryptocurrency copywriter [e-book]

    Hi, I need a person really familiar with cryptocurrencies, because I want to prepare an e-book on cryptocurrency trading for beginners and semi-advanced users. Please write to me DM with examples/portfolio.
  13. ghost_of_Lawee

    What's up BHW lawee from Nigeria: ready to milk...

    After reviewing the contents it seems like I'm home. I look forward to contributing whilst learning...
  14. Harnur


    Is there a way to know about new cryptocurrency listings(on major exchanges) INSTANTLY. Is there an app/platform that shares all this info at one place?
  15. Alina Iffa

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, this is alinafx, wishing you all a happy weekend ahead. :D
  16. NayabHasan

    I am looking for boost my bitcointalk post

    Hello, Everyone I have ICO Bitcointalk post and I want to boost this post using new comment and question answering with multiplying accounts ✓ Are you worked with ICO projects before? ✓ And will you read our white paper and make a question or asking anything that relates to our ICO . and will...
  17. Purp1ePie

    Crypto ADS on Facebook/Instagram

    Hey guys! I know that it is banned from FB and IG to advertise cryptocurrencies but I stumble upon more and more "crypto ads" how do they do it? Is there a loophole?
  18. bevmo7

    Any suppliers accepting cryptocurrency?

    Hi BHW! I am looking for a dropshipping supplier (any niche, I'm open to ideas) that is able to accept cryptocurrency payments for their products . More specifically, I am going to be accepting 7 cryptocurrencies on my site: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, and...
  19. D

    Are you expecting major brakedown soon?

    There was a recent increase of both BTC and ETH values. with this there was a major improvement of value of every currency. Now there is major reduction of almost all currencies during last 1-2 days. Are you expecting BTC and ETH also go back to their old price soon?