cryptocurency trading

  1. HenryObi

    Do You Know Anyone That Went From Zero To $$$$$$ Via Crypto?

    I have a penpal(over the internet haven't met him before), who used to see me as having more money than him due to a mistake that made him see my bank balance about few years ago. We're really cool though but I don't ask him about his financials. He's been active with crypto especially airdrops...
  2. Tleilaxu

    A cryptocurrency to keep your eye on over the next week

    Many coins are just scams or memes so already do your own research. I got a few tips regarding some up and coming coins a couple of years back from here so I'm just returning the favour. There's a crypto coin I've been keeping my eye on for a number of years now called Cashaa. It's an actual...
  3. Naughtyfatkid

    USDT or USDC? Which Stablecoin is safer?

    With BTC starting to move horizontally now... I want to hold position by converting them to a Stablecoin. Hearing a lot of bad rap against USDT these days, is it still safe to keep it with Tether? What are your thoughts on it? :) Last thing I want to see is my tether disappearing like this :
  4. vilaus

    Need Advice on what to do to Make Money

    Hey everyone, i saved $200 from my job...but i dont know what busines to invest it in because of my past lost investment I invested in crypto and forex trading and lost(even after buying a expensive trading strategy), i'm thinking of trying crypto again but mind keeps saying NO The idea in my...
  5. alurosu

    CFTC Charges BitMEX Owners with Illegally Operating a Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading Platform and Anti-Money Laundering Violations RIP Bitmex?
  6. R

    A year after halving??? 2012,2016...2020?

    who believes in these charts??? 13$ to 1032$ 2012
  7. G

    Need Crypto Currency Experienced Content Writer

    Hi BHW!!! I'm looking for a good experienced content writer on the crypto niche. I have multiple requirements on same niche. If anyone available for providing a sample on my website. It will be very helpful to me. Interested person contacts me. Thanks
  8. anup999

    how to convert crypto currency to my local cash?

    I'm thinking of accepting payments on one of my site. But how I convert that BTC to cash/ get money to bank account?? (BTW I'm from India want to conver in INR, but USD is also fine if I get that transfer to my bank account.)
  9. BamBam13

    Centralized Exchange VS Decentralized Exchanges - the great debate

    Where do you think the market will go? with things like atomic swaps, sharding, and side chains, on the horizon will CEXs( centralized exchanges stay on top or will they be overtaken by DEXs (decentralized exchanges)? Thoughts?
  10. Harnur Invitation code!, isn't allowing new members to sign up, it requires invitation code. How to get an Invitation code for Does anyone have it? can you please PM me? Thanks
  11. Harnur Crypto Trading..???

    I had transferred coins from cryptopia to yobit, at the time of transfer, the WALLET was active, but after 2 hours it changed to maintenance status. How long will it take to get back my coins? since the wallet is under maintenance. Has anyone ever been thru this situation with Yobit? I tried...
  12. silgro

    What if I tell you that history repeats itself in cryptos!

  13. bmanfacts

    Which Cryptos Hold More Value To You?

    We've hit a point where cryptos are now getting more mainstream. With everyone trying to evaluate what to invest in I think its worth posing the question to everyone here experienced in this space, to give some noobs an idea of what to think about before investing: What cryptos hold more value...
  14. 55trillion

    [Journey]Cryptocurrency Trading starting from $1000

    Hi all, Four months back i started here : And ended soon here : And now : I decided to trade BTC with some forex...