1. E

    Making Money from Cryptocurrency AI traders Coinbase

    Hi, This might seem like a weird post, but Someone reached out to me to make a video about an AI trader platform that gives you around 1% daily profit using AI traders, the thing is, they paid me, sent USDT to my wallet and I made the video and I'm making profit, but I don't want to make a...
  2. GNews

    I'm Building a Cryptocurrency Subreddit Group; What do you think should be added?

    I'm Building a Cryptocurrency Subreddit Group; What do you think should be added to make the group better than those out now? My main thought is to give more freedom but at the same time having great identifiers with the tags and moderation on spam. The key thing being 'freedom' 1st as I see...
  3. T

    Where to hold your Crypto

    Hi Just doing research these days, thinking where should i hold my crypto I know Nexo, BlockFi, Celius are the biggest, but would love to hear your thought about it? Thanks :)
  4. GNews

    How to Market New Cryptocoins & Cryptocurrency Brands For Dummies | How I Grew a Brand With $8k to $XXX,XXX Pre-ICO Launch Day

    So, I had a customer who consulted me about marketing a new cryptocurrency / crypto-coin. They wanted help getting in Google News and getting crypto-investors registered on their site and confident in buying. What they had to offer me? - $8k cash - $XXXk in tokens (promised on back-end...
  5. D

    New Shitcoin early buy PITSHEPHERD

    I just found this shitcoin few hours ago, 10x already ,check it out
  6. Bloodseeker

    When will Safemoon reach $1?

    What do you all think? Can’t wait to be a billionaire now :cool:
  7. vigyavan

    Looking for blockchain developer to create a new ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

    If you are skilled in building blockchain technology, I want you to build an ICO to be launched on coinbase, I think it takes 15 minute to code. Inbox me if you know what I am talking about
  8. blue_knight

    IOTA cryptocurrency shuts down entire network

    IOTA Foundation behind the IOTA cryptocurrency was forced to shut down its entire network following a cyber attack that resulted in the theft of funds. Hackers have exploited a vulnerability in the official IOTA wallet to steal funds from the users. In response to the incident, the IOTA...
  9. Harnur


    Is there a way to know about new cryptocurrency listings(on major exchanges) INSTANTLY. Is there an app/platform that shares all this info at one place?
  10. puutwallet


    Isn’t it easy to just take your smartphone and walk up to a shop and buy anything you want? No more pocket changes, no more huge wallets and no more extra cards. Just your smartphone is what you need in this new cashless era! Mobile wallets can now make your payments at the tap of your finger...
  11. hokuspokus

    [JOURNEY] to $500 daily profit from crypto arbitrage

    Hello all! Some story behind my choice to begin this journey: I have been sick for around 6 months, and have had much time just thinking what i could do to make a lot of money :smirk: Under this 6 month period i was not spending much money on different methods so i could save to the money i...
  12. Cshark

    ✅⏩ Branding and Media Mentions for Your Crypto/BlockChain Project✅⏩ Affordable Pricing ✅⏩ Fast Turn

    This account has been banned for non-delivery of orders. Please check our other marketplace vendors for alternatives. [/URL]
  13. FormerBoxer

    What coin would you go all in?

    What coin would you go all in like bitcoin when it was low back in the day? I'm going all in with NEO this year. I bought it at $8 last year :)
  14. Harnur Invitation code!, isn't allowing new members to sign up, it requires invitation code. How to get an Invitation code for Does anyone have it? can you please PM me? Thanks
  15. virtualbyron

    How to Become a Youtube Crypto Guru (Step by Step)

    I watched around 20 hours of crypto guru video then I started to recognize some patterns so I proceeded a kind of reverse engineering analysis, now I can tell you how they become guru. This method can be used for crypto, sports betting or any other topics where prediction is gold. Some well...
  16. karthikjojo

    Can I mine monero on my college system?

    Any 1 help me clarify that can I mine a Monero coin through my college computers(I mean more than 100) but without GPU only CPU... Any trick is there please comment or if I am false please guide me.. Thanks in Adv.:)
  17. artur core

    Free Airdrop for OMG Holders inc.

    Check this out
  18. ivarga

    PlexCoin - Is It Worth Buying?

    Hey guys so I just found new site and I was wondering, do you think it has potential to rise? Should I buy coins or na? Whats your thoughts about this? Any pro's cons?
  19. artur core

    Somebody into Omisego?

    Hey Fellas, did somebody of you bought some OMGs too? Sold my antshare today, this sideway movement kinda annoys me and OMG provides some good possibilites to make some good money. They also have already mcdonalds in paymentship (thailand)
  20. JustAnotherPanel

    BITCOIN TO CRASH on AUG 1st !!

    Hello Guys, A friend of mine working in the Block-chain bus. in NY told me that a system crash is expected on AUG 1st and thats why the prices of all CryptoCoins is going down. If BTC survives this technical crash on July 31st midnight, its price is expected to go up again and above 3k$. If not...