crypto trading

  1. Caramelman7

    Cryptocurrency Trading

    I want to try trading crypto and my ideal platform is Binance,since it is has very low transactions fees and is a reliable platform. I know about analyzing and trading but it takes a long time and the chance of getting positive outcomes according to the analysis is low because of the global...
  2. seotrafficguy

    Question - Any experience with Crypto Flash Loan Trading?

    Hey all, I'm fairly new to the crypto world and wanted to ask those who have more experience... I've been hearing a lot about making big profits using flash loans and flashloan bots.. for eg.. [Mod Edit] and it really seems like I'm missing out on the action... I've never used money that's...
  3. RB1987

    My Crypto Trading Journey!

    Hi, recently I have started my crypto trading and i am very excited to share my experience and results with the community. If i am posting this thread in the wrong place please feel free to move it to the right one.I will try to answer all the questions I get. Thank you. This is the 4th-day...
  4. A

    Crypto signals app

    Is this good idea to develop a crypto signals app with monthly subscription? Like with really good signals ? How many people will join? And how to advertise that app?
  5. GringoMonkey

    JV - You setup a new crypto token, i market

    Thanks for considering my jv. I am looking to jv with someone who can setup our own crypto token that I can then create the hype and market. We share profits 50 / 50. Let me know if your interested and we can discuss in more detail.
  6. Bloodseeker

    All crypto down right now. Where to invest?

    The entire market is red right now. Which altcoin should I invest in?
  7. ZoroBegins

    What are the best cryptocurrency copy trading platforms?

    What are the best professional cryptocurrency copy trading platforms? - I got some good advices from BHW users on my another thread. So I'm gonna hold some money with invest in bitcoin. - And I also want to invest some money in cryptocurrency trading. I don;t know anything about cryptocurrency...
  8. L

    My Crypto Trading Journey to 50$ to 10k$

    Hello, As you read the title is correct i am going to try 50$ into 10k$ in 4 months.I will trade with this 50$ and try to grow until i reach my goal. I am doing crypto trading since 2016 but in some case i accidentally lost all my bitcoins almost 6 bitcoin loss. Crypto markete is too much...
  9. W

    How I doubled my $10K into $20K in 7 days

    Hi, Due to lockdown in most of the countries around the world, I had to stop my digital agency too. Most of my clients had to shut down their businesses and reduce the expenses so I suspended my contracts with them. I was always into crypto trading so analysing the chart, I realized there's a...
  10. Beerioz

    It's official now for Indians ! SC lifts ban on crypto trading:
  11. RubyYao

    when you buy or sell cryptos, you ever thought about coding your idea?

    Some people are broke and crying, most of them are regretting for their greedy or fearful emotion in trading. When you buy or sell cryptos, you ever think about coding your trading idea? Like when to enter, when to leave, stop loss point, take profit, various index lines, all of these can be...
  12. NotSoAverageJoe

    My Amazing Crypto Calls

    I'll keep this short and sweet, because it's the second time around I'm making this thread. Who am I? I like doing technical analysis on cryptocurrencies, in this thread I will share some of my cryptocurrency calls. I would like to at least make one call a day, but I can't promise anything...
  13. bmanfacts

    Which Cryptos Hold More Value To You?

    We've hit a point where cryptos are now getting more mainstream. With everyone trying to evaluate what to invest in I think its worth posing the question to everyone here experienced in this space, to give some noobs an idea of what to think about before investing: What cryptos hold more value...
  14. 55trillion

    [Journey]Cryptocurrency Trading starting from $1000

    Hi all, Four months back i started here : And ended soon here : And now : I decided to trade BTC with some forex...