crypto market

  1. OsamaBinCracker

    Where to buy stocks and trade crypto?

    Best app/website for buying stocks? And also trading new shitcoins. > simple verification > easy deposit > low fess Need some suggestion. As a 3rd world citizen we have a very limited options.
  2. William702

    Difference in Crypto Discussion This Thanksgiving Compared to Last

    This time last year the hype surrounding crypto was growing to an all time high. Did you reccomend to any of your family and friends that they should jump on board with crypto? Did any of your friends and family get you into crypto? Did you get an awesome recommendation that made you a boat...
  3. Q Crypto

    Crypto-Potential: Cryptocurrency tracking index

    For crypto traders and enthusiasts who are looking for that extra information. Crypto-Potential is a new website for cryptocurrency price tracking with some unique features. To name a few: Performance of Altcoins compared to Master coins (BTC, ETH, LTC) Velocity indicator (a lot of people are...
  4. J

    KZ Map: A new initiative from KZ Cash, Asia’s Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency

    KZ Cash is Asia’s fastest growing cryptocurrency with over 25000+ visitors on their websites. They have shown a lot of potential in past some time. I bet you have never seen this much growth in this lessen time. The last time I checked they were at 2.9 USD for one 1 KZC. They have estimated 1000...
  5. bmanfacts

    The Complete Beginner's Guide to CryptoCurrency Trading

    I figured there were people that wanted something cohesive enough to follow to understand cryptocurrencies so I pulled this guide together. If you find this valuable let's get this stickied. What is a Cryptocurrency? Let's start at the beginning. You may have heard many things about what a...
  6. W

    Next Crypto to blow up - FirstBlood (1ST)

    THIS IS NOT A PUMP/DUMP! OK, let's go. My first call went to Nexus, we had a 300% gain. Few people believed in me because it was a new registration, what mattered was that I tripled my money and believed. Sorry for any errors, English is not my native language. FirstBlood (1st) is the next...
  7. aut0matic

    Can't make up my mind with Raiblocks

    Do you think Raiblocks XRB will win Binance's voting? I can't make up my mind. It feels like I wanted to invest on Raiblocks but there are some Redditors saying that XP (Experience Points) will do a last minute mass voting. And XRB's price is down 20+% at the time of this writing. Any thoughts...
  8. A

    Is it right time to invest in Crypto Market - Art Vasquez

    Hello, friends please let me know is it the right time to invest in the crypto market?