crypto geniuses

  1. Harnur

    How to TRANSFER cryptocurrency Faster..from one Wallet To Another?

    I usually transfer crypto coins from my cryptopia wallet to another wallet on some other website. But average time it takes to transfer coins from one wallet to another is 1-2 days. What causes the delay? What average transfer people get? Is there any way to increase the transfer...
  2. Nilk

    Journey to 10000$ a day with crypto (with only 750$ for a start)

    Aye comrades! Starting over with my crypto journey, thought that you may want to watch. Will give out some types from time to time. Firstly, I'm not a day trader. I don't want to wake up sweating in the middle of the night to check my coins prices. I don't want to monitor my coins 24/7 in case...
  3. iterate777

    Smart vs. Dumb Crypto Speculation... A Semi-Serious Analogy

    There are basically two types in any speculation. This write up may be biased and make fun of people. Reaching your dreams isn't child's play, but this can clear up the fear and uncertainty But, it can hopefully save some of you guys from paying with your asses. This post can also clear up the...