crypto exchanges

  1. sci0n

    Some OTC traders and exchanges buying balances now

    1. This fund allegedly pays 15-20 cents per dollar but that was before Binance walked out, not sure about now: contact via Telegram 2. Justin Sun posted on Huobi that they will buy TRX and some other holdings at parity to soften the blow but it is not clear who is eligible for that...
  2. Harnur

    Need HELP with crypto-trading

    I want to do stop-loss trading with both buy & sell option. if i buy BTC at 3600, i want to put stop loss trigger at 3500, but if BTC hits 3700, i want to sell immediately. But with stop-loss we can create ONLY buy OR sell order, can't create simultaneous order(that checks both the condition...
  3. M

    Hi Everyone, French guy here

    Hello everyone, My name is Mike, I'm French, 34 years old and I'm running some websites! I'm living in France but I really enjoy to travel. So this is my favorite hobby actually ;) I'm using also some PPI and I hope I found the right place here to discuss of it! By the way I also enjoy crypto...
  4. Spikes01

    People that have connections with Crypto Currency Exchanges

    Hello. I'm looking to get in touch with Crypto Currency Exchanges: I have a SMI Team (Social Media Intelligence Team) and we are working with TOP 5 exchanges at the moment and are looking to expand even further our business. What we offer: - Spam & Phishing Control on Social Networks such...
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