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  1. R

    Which Margin Mode? Cross Mode or Isolated Mode?

    Which margin mode is suitable and good for small trading in small coins in binance, Cross or Isolated mode? I will be trading full time, and will be doing small trades, just to keep going like 5-25$ in a day, also in a beginner so please advice me any tips too, I'll be really grateful.
  2. kingvestor

    Master Degree on Blockchain/Crypto Field

    Blockchain is the future of the financial system as many financial institutions adopt some part of technology in their blueprint. However, there are not many "certified" professionals in this field. So what do you think guys about taking Master Degree in this field? And which university offers...
  3. R


    I've made some NFT arts in Adobe Illustrator, but I've no idea where to sell them and how to sell them? I've seen people making money from it, so is it that easy to make money by selling it?
  4. wapfalls

    Anonymous Message To Elon Musk

    Hacker group Anonymous warns Elon Musk over crypto tweets.
  5. KJREDDY247@

    What Percentage of Portfolio are you Guys Investing in Crypto?

    What Percentage of Portfolio are you Guys Investing/Trading in Crypto? I am planning to move 20-25% into crypto. Planning to Grab some BTC at 41-42K Which platform are you guys using in India? Binance? Can someone give me a Idea like what should be the Minimum percentage of Gain we should...
  6. AuraMarketing

    WazirX listed on SHIBA INU and sold for USD 0.041 when actual price was $0.00002

    SHIBA INU was listed on WazirX on 13-05-2021. But there were fewer liquidity providers and more buyers. Buyers started bidding higher, sellers started putting higher ask price since the demand was high. So, SHIB INU was traded at INR 3 (around $0.041). Wish I were their liquidity provider...
  7. W

    $100 for less than an hours work for someone who understands crypto processes well

    I f'd up and sent around $500 worth of BUSD-BD1 from Binance to Crypto dot com accounts. Turns out "you've deposited BUSD-BD1 isn't supported on the app" Anyone who can help me recover this? Willing to pay $100US ( BTC or whatever crypto or Paypal) to 1st person who can get it back...
  8. GringoMonkey

    JV - You setup a new crypto token, i market

    Thanks for considering my jv. I am looking to jv with someone who can setup our own crypto token that I can then create the hype and market. We share profits 50 / 50. Let me know if your interested and we can discuss in more detail.
  9. zeroblackhat

    PayPal is getting into crypto

    PayPal is nudging cryptocurrencies into the mainstream by launching its own service over the next few weeks that lets people buy, sell and hold digital currencies on its site and apps. And next year, PayPal's 346 million users will be able to use cryptocurrencies to shop at 26 million merchants...
  10. Hellhole

    How do you feel?

    How do you guys feel about what's going on in the US? How do you feel about the "awakening of anonymous"? How do you feel about crypto currency? Let me know. I'm eager to find out.
  11. raregem009

    Which Crypto Website is this Please?

    Hello blackhatters Please i would like to know which website is in this video. Thanks
  12. vishy

    [Question] How Do I Open Bitcoin Account

    Hi guys, It may sound stupid. I need to open a Bitcon account to receive payment and have no clue which provider to use? Can someone point me in the right direction? Paypal gave me a raw deal Thanks
  13. kikmebiz

    Where to get FREE crypto coins?

    Apart from Coinbase, name other sites where they are giving away free crypto coins...
  14. JesterKI

    Store Bitcoins anonymously

    How do I keep Bitcoins Anonymous? - There are Hardware Wallets. What are your experiences? Are they safe? - Which wallets can you recommend without ID verification? - Are you using several Wallets?
  15. lelando

    Next best thing to bitcoin

    I've been monitoring HBar for a few weeks and to be honest it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride for the currency since it's launch back in 2018. But now with several big companies like Tata communications, Boeing and google being part of the governing council I believe once HBar gets more...
  16. R

    coinbase surveyvearn

    COINBASE have a option,survey earn,but which country are supported for survey income???
  17. MiqailMVP

    Taking coin to the next level

    I've created a pretty straightforward ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. I want to be ready for the next bullrun when people buy everything left right and centre (remember DragonChain? DeepBrainChain? Elixir? Jibrel?). The token is legit and I am not planning to make an exitscam. What I...
  18. 247VCC

    Bitcoin price keep rushing.......

    I see from yesterday bitcoin price keep rushing Now its 8k I think its can be down again 5k usd
  19. lovefishin

    I need press release article written regarding cryptocurrency domain for sale

    I need an article / press release announcing a cryptocurrency domain related to petroleum and oil. I will list it on auction on flippa. But I want to try to drum up some hype prior to the auction start date. I am hoping to attract the attention of the big oil companies. can anyone recommend...
  20. shyft101

    [JV] Our Telegram Group Growth + Your Crypto Clients

    What You Can Provide: We are looking for a partner who can source clients from the cryptocurrency market that are looking to grow their Telegram groups with targeted active members and potential investors for their upcoming ICOs, products, etc. The clients must have funds/budget to be able to...