crypto currency exchange

  1. W

    $100 for less than an hours work for someone who understands crypto processes well

    I f'd up and sent around $500 worth of BUSD-BD1 from Binance to Crypto dot com accounts. Turns out "you've deposited BUSD-BD1 isn't supported on the app" Anyone who can help me recover this? Willing to pay $100US ( BTC or whatever crypto or Paypal) to 1st person who can get it back...
  2. bitcoin32

    What exchange cryptocurrencies on github repository is the best ?

    i wont to have my own ecxhange what should i chose ?
  3. R

    coinbase surveyvearn

    COINBASE have a option,survey earn,but which country are supported for survey income???
  4. Tatu kh

    Suggest me the BEST Binance crypto Trading tutorial for beginner

    Hello, BHW I want to try Crypto Trading So, Please suggest me the best tutorial for this Paste the link if you have any. And also how to earn more Thanks
  5. M

    Hi Everyone, French guy here

    Hello everyone, My name is Mike, I'm French, 34 years old and I'm running some websites! I'm living in France but I really enjoy to travel. So this is my favorite hobby actually ;) I'm using also some PPI and I hope I found the right place here to discuss of it! By the way I also enjoy crypto...
  6. oweaponx

    What do you think of Universal Basic Income cryptos?

    The 2 I'm most familiar with are Manna Base and Swift Demand. Manna distributions are so little, that it takes a long while, just for a few cents. Swift gives 100 tokens/day, but so many people are charging thousands or 10s of thousands (because they're doing a 1:1, where their currency isn't...
  7. Spikes01

    People that have connections with Crypto Currency Exchanges

    Hello. I'm looking to get in touch with Crypto Currency Exchanges: I have a SMI Team (Social Media Intelligence Team) and we are working with TOP 5 exchanges at the moment and are looking to expand even further our business. What we offer: - Spam & Phishing Control on Social Networks such...