1. NotSoAverageJoe

    My Amazing Crypto Calls

    I'll keep this short and sweet, because it's the second time around I'm making this thread. Who am I? I like doing technical analysis on cryptocurrencies, in this thread I will share some of my cryptocurrency calls. I would like to at least make one call a day, but I can't promise anything...
  2. I

    Best time to invest in Cardano was 7 days ago,second best time is now!

    I think Cardano has huge potential,and it still has relatively low marketcap....I already invested there and I have a plan to invest more....Just my 2 cents,do your own research!
  3. T

    Good Portfolio Management Software?

    Would love to hear what portfolio management software everyone uses and would recommend. I have had a look at a few different app review sites for solutions but nothing features exactly what I want. I want to be able to manage multiple portfolios of different cryptocurrencies and monitor them to...
  4. BibleNsword

    Best Live/News feed for BTC and other CCs?

    Like the title says I was just wondering if there is particularly good feed for latest crypto news. I wanna be ready to see what happens after Aug 1st. I was looking at cyrpto scout and other sites but wanted to hear what others had to say.
  5. M

    Unconfirmed BTC transaction - how to return to wallet?

    I am using electrum as my wallet. I sent a transaction, which is stuck as unconfirmed since a long time. How do i get it back? I have heard that it can be routed back to me by setting up higher fee double-spend transaction, but i dont know how to set it up. Any help is appreciated.
  6. K

    Investing in cryptocurrencies for short term.Any Advice for me?

    How to know which cryptocurrencies will make bank? what to research when investing in a new cryptocurrency?Threads here are all old.. Help Appreciated :)
  7. BibleNsword

    Could use some advice BHW

    I am fairly new to crypto currency and would like to know if there is a particular wallet to store my bitcoins or plainly what is the best way to protect my bitcoins from hackers and possible mishaps. I currently am storing minimal funds on the EXODUS wallet do you believe i can trust this...
  8. A


    I've been reading the past couple of days now that Bitcoin is dead? This poses quite a problem for me, for the past week I have been trying to send some BC to a friend of mine yet it doesn't seem to be going through. I have quite a bit of money tied up in BTC now and I was wondering what...