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  1. boggsfx

    Looking for Crypto PR service / shilling service / any crypto marketing service

    Hi guys, I’m here because I’m looking for some crypto marketing solutions. I’m not shilling for a shit coin here. I run a crypto newsletter with a cool little twist on it that we can get into if you can help me. Working with a budget of $800 right now. Any advice or information is incredibly...
  2. prey24

    Token Marketing Strategy - Pre-launching Phase

    Ok so here we are 6 - 3 months away from our token launch and going to start our pre-launch marketing campaign. Website - This will be the most important investment, it should be catchy, creative, and inspired by your token objective. Suppose you are making a token that will be used to serve...
  3. S

    Reddit CMS post upvote to top 3

    Hello guys, I am a marketer working with different developers helping them in promoting their crypto projects. As many do, I also, have been using CryptoMoonShots subreddit to write a post about a project and then boost upvotes until it's in top positions within Hot section. Web based software...
  4. dontfarm

    [Case Study] Crypto Offers with Facebook Ads

    Hey guys! We have prepared this case study with one of our clients. Want to share this experience with you and give you some motivation for that everyone can make a lot of money, just don't give up and always test, test, test and you will find your profitable campaign. All the next steps...
  5. lovefishin

    I need press release article written regarding cryptocurrency domain for sale

    I need an article / press release announcing a cryptocurrency domain related to petroleum and oil. I will list it on auction on flippa. But I want to try to drum up some hype prior to the auction start date. I am hoping to attract the attention of the big oil companies. can anyone recommend...
  6. Cyjon

    looking for pro marketers to run ads on social networks for crypto trading leads

    hello i have been looking for pro marketers to run ads on social networks for crypto trading leads seems like its super hard to find real legit ready to get the job done kind of guys. anyways if someone serious sees this post its cpa based and good payouts for as many as can be provided
  7. P

    Poptimize is here

    Poptimize is a advertising network website. We provide ways for publisher to monetize via ad scripts native, pop under, push notification etc. We also provide advertiser a easy access to ad campaign management service. We are new and growing service and expecting high and mighty support of this...
  8. Z

    Facebook revising their law regarding Crypto ads

    Here is the news link,