1. mrBH000

    Crypto Investment Recommendation

    Hello Can you recommend any money making method related to crypto? Want to give a try so wanna invest a few bucks. Any thought on copiumprotocol project?
  2. B

    Telegram Channel Ads

    Hello everyone! I have created lately a new Telegram channel similar to those famous Crypto signals but I wanna know where they do them advertise and get them clients.. If someone can give any useful advice I would much appreciated.. Thanks guys and have a great one ..
  3. E


    Hello i saw there s some ppl interested on cmc bots for tranding if you are owner of any token thats listed on cmc let me know i can create bots for you basically any bot thats web based (browser )
  4. L

    hello from bengal

    Hi all, I’m Emti, 34 years old from Bengal. Currently working on developing my own startup which has led me to using lead generation. Interested in the Digital Marketing sector and how to generate investor who have interest to do crypto business. i want to learn how can i generate or find out...
  5. T

    Bitsgap vs. Free bots

    Hi It really became popular lately to trade with crypto bots I see them all over Some are paid and some are free Paid like bitsgap Free like Pionex Anyone here tested them and knows what’s the difference between them? thanks :)
  6. insom

    My crypto journey

    This and Only invest how much you are willing to loose! Do your own research if not just enjoy it as a ride
  7. R

    Build bot on DexTools Trending pair

    Hello everyone, I want you to Build bot to get a token trending on DexTools Hot pair. DM me or leave info so i can DM. Thanks in advance. Good day :)
  8. R

    Hello everyone

    Glad to be here , hope to learn and help if I can (:
  9. nLinks

    Can you share your crypto investments for the next period

    I'm planning to invest in some cryptos again, so which ones would you buy for the next period?
  10. H

    Bitcoin Just Broke $33000 Strong Level ✅ Are we going to Moon again ?

    As We can See Clearly Bitcoin Broke the $33000 Resistance Level and Current price is $33400+ at the Time i am Writing this Tread . Now the Main question is are we Going to see Bullishness again or its just again a Trap My Resistance Area for Now :- $35000 if this Broken and We stay above This...
  11. H

    Need A Guide For Beginners

    Hi there, I see a lot of people making huge amounts of money these days with cryptocurrencies, can anyone share a source for beginners so we can invest. Also, I have money only on PayPal, no credit card no bank account, if anyone knows a way to buy crypto using PayPal, please share with us...
  12. alurosu

    Did Elon just promote CUMROCKET?

    Source: This is getting real stupid lmao
  13. Ilias

    Question about binance

    Hi guys, I'm new to this platform and to the cryptocurrency. My question is I bought shiba inu coin 2 days ago, today when i tried to sell it it shows me that I don't have shiba coin on trade table, you can see the screenshots below. What could be the problem here? since in the wallet overview I...
  14. A

    Looking for Marketer / Social Media Manager to boost NFT related Service & Products

    We're creating new services, products, and content around NFTs and Blockchain. And we're looking for a few skills - it can be one or multiple roles: - Social Media Manager, with the relevant experience, to help us build the community and audience around these services. - Marketer and Growth...
  15. rksama

    HOLY SHIIIIT!! DogElon just dropped to hell.

    DOGELON coin that was supposed to be backed by Elon Musk(LOL) just dropped to and all hell is losing. Only invested little on it but seriously it dropped like a water drop. I think the creator bailed out with all the money. What do you think will it rise again and I should hold onto it?
  16. David719

    What do you think about : "Refinable"

    Hello Guys - what do you think about it? Refinable. - will be it a huge projekt? Is ist another shitcoin? Do you see opportunity? Thank you!
  17. Yupwork

    Almost all Coin is DOWN what's happen ?

    Since 17 April I observe that some coin is begin down but today is so shocking, my balance cryptocurrency lose more than 18% what's happen ?
  18. jbinkley

    Make $100+ a Day With PackagePortal

    Hi Everyone, I've found a straight forward method (no tricks, loop holes, etc.) to make $100+ a day via PackagePortal -> They are doing a big data play with home package delivery plus aiming to reduce signature fees. All one needs to do is scan the shipping labels of...
  19. bitcoin32

    What exchange cryptocurrencies on github repository is the best ?

    i wont to have my own ecxhange what should i chose ?
  20. kikmebiz

    Where to get FREE crypto coins?

    Apart from Coinbase, name other sites where they are giving away free crypto coins...