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    What is the best Twitter account automation tool?

    Hi BHW, I'm looking for a nice Twitter account automation tools to help me grow Twitter audience. What are come nice tools to help me grow my audience and presence on Twitter? Some tools that I've heard are: - Crowdfire - SocialDog - Statusbrew Any feedback will be nice :) Thanks!
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    imacros for schedule post at crowdfire

    hi all... Does anyone have a working iMacros script for crowdfire? Looking for schedule post at crowdfire. thanks
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    Instagress/Crowdfire for Facebook?

    I've been using Instagress and Crowdfire. I'm wondering if there is a similar app or service that can be used for Facebook. I appreciate the help. Thanks!
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    Crowdfire iMacros Script

    Hey BHW, Does anyone have a working iMacros script for crowdfire? Looking to mass follow/unfollow. Please comment / DM me directly -- thanks!
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    CROWDFIRE Alternative

    Hello, I'm using crowdfire to masspost and massfollow on all my Twitter Accounts ( 100 accounts ), but it cost me 199$ a month, do you know few competitors of Crowdfire less expensive ? Thanks for your advices :)
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    Alternative to unfollowing.

    Ok, so the biggest problem for bot users right now is unfollowing, but why is no one talking about the next best alternative? Blocking/unblocking. This has the same effect as unfollowing, and unblocking means that the person can still potentially follow you in future. As far as I know, blocking...
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    My Journey to Instagram and Twitter Building (First Post Ever)

    Intro Hello everyone! I joined this forum a long time ago, but never really did anything on here. About a week ago, I decided it was time to start pursuing money online so I got on here again. I have been reading various social media methods and learning from other members similar journeys. I am...