cross posting

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    Looking for Crossposting on Good Facebook Pages

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for some good Facebook pages for crossposting. My niche is animated funny videos so if you are allow crossposting then your audience will also get new unique animated funny videos to watch daily. I have two facebook pages, one with 8K likes and follows and other...
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    Xposting: Let's help build each other pages.

    I'm looking for someone who has big pages in Facebook that want to do cross posting or sharing of post / videos / articles etc. I have various pages that i'm currently handling and interested of users / fans to like my page. My Niche : Travel If you are interested you can message me your...
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    Cross Posting? Anyone Interested?

    I rented some pages which has 1.2m , 1.7m, and 1m likes. Anyone here want to do a cross posting so that we can grow each others pages? Let me know my messaging me your Facebook Page Url.