1. Crazy Lucifer

    What should I do with this blog? (This is one of my many blogs)

    HI guys! So this blog has 48 posts. All are handwritten and free from plagiarism. They are evergreen as well. The site ranks decently on Bing. But on google, it stopped ranking after 25th of April. What might be the reason? Its hosted on a free domain on blogspot. My other blog I started 2...
  2. E

    Cricket betting script

    Can someone create a betting website like this - Demo User id - C4918 Password - 12345 i want the admin panel and fully working site.
  3. S

    Happy Birthday "Captain Cool"

    7 Continents in the World 7 days in a Week 7 colors in a Rainbow 7 basic Musical notes 7 chakras in a Human being 7 phrase in a Marriage 7 Wonders of the World 7th day of 7th month- Birthday of a wonder of the cricketing world "Happy Birthday MS Dhoni"
  4. S

    Happy Birthday Hitman

    Happy Birthday Rohit Sharma. He is not breaking the record. He is creating an unbreakable record. Keep scoring all the best for the next thousands of games to win like a king. Some unbreakable record here: Highest individual score in ODI - 264 Only batsmen to score three double hundreds in ODI...
  5. Alex0808

    Where I can download full cricket matches?

    Easily found Football matches But about cricket matches?
  6. vinothmech

    Ashes Starts today

    Hi, Today Ashes 1st Test between Australia and England I guess Aussies will whitewash this time. Lets see how English men face Lethal weapon Mitchell Johnson.
  7. lalit_burma

    Cricket World Cup 2015 - Lets Enjoy

    Those who do not know about Cricket, Click Here >>> ~ :: Teams details in Pool :: ~ ------------------------------- Pool A Pool B England South Africa Australia India Sri Lanka Pakistan Bangladesh West Indies New Zealand Zimbabwe...
  8. E

    [Review] EntertainmenTime

    Hi, I have created an autoblog after learning many things from BHW in past 1 month or so. Its not just the complete autoblog setted up in hours, I have put in many things done manually. I am posting from around 15-20 days now and got around 400 visitors according to Analytics...
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