credit card companies

  1. M

    Paid via Credit Card/PayPal while waiting for foreigner EIN?

    Good Day Gentleman I have an online store selling digital (high risk) products. Im not a US citizen but I have formed a US LLC, the problem is wait time is 45 days to get a foreigner EIN to setup a bank account and start applying with Stripe... Is there anyway possible to start receiving credit...
  2. Nw_Work

    payment processor without chargeback ability for website?

    Anyone knows a good processor that can register outside the western countries without LLC/BR registrations with cross border fees around 2% to 3.5% with no chargeback ability like payoneer?
  3. A

    What bank gives unlimited cards that work with fb

    I keep reading posts about this magical bank account that you create with your LLC and gives you as many credit cards that work with fb as you want, they even give you custom names on the cards, but no one say their name, please if you know this company bank let us know.
  4. Florin84

    I need a credit card payment processor for my site. Im individual not company

    Hi .... I'm wondering if exists credit card processors like stripe,etc that can i use for my site without having a company. Since Im individual and I'm looking to accept credit card payments on my site. Also I want something with lower fees if possible. Thank you
  5. speedie

    Which Debit/Credit Card Payment Processor do you use?

    Hey guys, So which credit/debit card payment processor do you use? Please I need just anyone that doesn't require merchant ID. And it should be open to merchant/digital marketers globally and not be stressful in document verification. No country discrimination. Just global solution to accept...
  6. D

    Loopholes in credit karma????

    Is there any loopholes in credit karma??
  7. Double_A

    CC Processing for SARMS etc

    So I'm sure this has been addressed several times before but here goes. We run a website that sells supplements that no US bank would underwrite for processing for. We've found a couple other sites that use who knows what bank but the gateway that sell the same products so I know...
  8. T

    Looking for someone to help my clients obtain multiple credit cards

    I have a business that helps businesses and entrepreneurs obtain credit. This is done mostly by getting them multiple credit cards from different banks, etc. Its actually a thriving industry right now and has been since credit crunch. Once they have credit cards we show them how to use them in...
  9. codeman1234

    Looking for the best TPV Payment Gateway

    Hello Guys, I am looking to offer a new payment gateway on my adult site a credit card payment gateway (TPV) to be precise, I am looking something like that is kind of like paypal that the money goes to your worldpay account and then you transfered to the bank accoun...
  10. G

    Looking for a credit card company that runs my SSN# and offers instant approval

    Basically looking to get a credit card or several all at once and be able to use the credit right away for online purchases. My credit is pretty good so it shouldn't be an issue Also would like to keep cards from arriving in the mail at my home. Is this possible. Looking for all...
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