1. lostchoas

    [Method] How to make amazing designs and sell them in bulk.

    There are less than 90 days till Black Friday, or make fucking money day. I have been quiet for awhile since my last post about merch, im still going strong on merch but never updated it as im a busy father of a 3 year old boy and Co-own a local marketing agency so whenever i do have freetime, i...
  2. H

    Amazon CreateSpace / KDP Marketing Genius Needed

    Publishing start-up looking for an Amazon CreateSpace / Kindle Direct Publishing Genius to build us a marketing strategy for our books. The goal is to build & execute a sustainable marketing strategy that will drive sales utilizing SEO PPC Consumer data capture & engagement. & etc. Happy...
  3. MasterofMoney17

    CreateSpace and Marijuana book issues?

    I've been running a marijuana niche Instagram account. I want to get into writing a ebook on the topic. i want to publish it through Amazon using Createspace. Does anyone know if Createspace or Amazon would deny or reject this book from being publish because its about marijuana?