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  1. Deuris

    Recreating Your Favorite Websites | Copy Any Landing Page | Best for CPA, SEO

    Let's get straight to the point, my friends! Are you fascinated by the layout, functionality, or overall performance of certain websites? Do you wish you could incorporate similar elements into your own website? Do you need to make it done as fast as possible? If so, you've come to the right...
  2. G

    udemy coupon : WordPress For Beginners: Free domain name and hosting ( 3,916 students )

    WordPress For Beginners: Free domain name and hosting is free again. it has 3,916 students and (32 ratings). this is a good course for beginners and if you are already familiar with Wordpress please ignore this post. LInk ...
  3. rashidouk

    Illegal Website

    Hello I have create an illegal website, after 2 mounth i rank in first page on google, but i recevied a DMCA and google have remove all my articles link from google search. So, my question is how can i protect my website from google remove?? Note: There many illegal websites that work...
  4. Rokebono


  5. bulba13

    looking for someone to setup landing page with IP domain name

    I need someone to create a landing page for my domain, with IP address as the domain name. Please contact me if you are interested
  6. IG Pro

    [Help] I've just bought new domain

    Hey everyone i need a small help. So today (7.11.2018) i have bought new domain on godaddy (Not affiliated) I have thought that if i connect this domain with wordpress it will work. So i registered on Wordpress and tryed to add my new domain there. Unfortunelly you can choose only from...
  7. A

    Searching for someone who can create an awesome Digital E-Commerce site!

    Straightforward budget is 60$...PM me if anyone can create!
  8. S

    Looking for a wordpress specialist to take time and effort out of my hands. Win : Win

    Looking for work for an e-mail client hacking specifiek website, I have some good domain names with a lots of keyword potential. It's actually ranking already with minimal effort: BUT - my website is not finished. Moreover, thats an understatement: its crap lol Just looking for someone to...
  9. SubhoC

    Building responsive websites for my clients . Suggestions appreciated!

    1- What is the best responsive Wp theme with which one can build great websites for their clients ? So far my choice is Avida wordpress theme 2. How will a client mange or update their content after I deliver the project files to them? 3. How much to Charge ? $99
  10. O

    outranking google images in SERPS

    Hello everybody. I've been watching this forum for a few weeks now and finally decided to make an account, I hope I'm posting this in the right place if I am not, I apologize. I was thinking about creating a website that targets a niche in my territory "ro" to get some residual income from...
  11. Zul MOO

    VIDEO - NEWBIE FRIENDLY - How to make a WordPress Website From Scratch !!

    Hi, Zul here,:cool: I would like to share my own video#4 - Website Creation (1 hour++ long) that covers these topics; Step by Step with no step skipped !! :D 1) How to buy domain name at namecheap.- $10/year 2) How to buy your first webhosting - $0.01 for your first month. 3) How to integrate...
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