1. neverpooragain

    They just don't know...

  2. Elvlin

    Losing ton money at luna? all market is dropping and you don't know what to do?

    i recently read a lot suicidal thread in reddit thx to these luna crash, and people asking is this end of crypto. (hope no one here in BHW have this tough) than i found this thread and i think it's good read, so decided to share it also speaking from my own personal experience, where my life...
  3. shiboshy

    You will be kicking yourself for not buying BTC at $63k and here is why!

    History repeats. Don't turn to one of these guys. Even worse - don't do panic selling. :) It was priced infinity, infinity it will become Some kickers... Winner winner, chicken dinner... :D History helps you make proper decisions. Educate yourself with some history here: 9 years ago.
  4. UnclePanda

    Bitcoin Reaction on Christmas?

    What will be the reaction of bitcoin on this Christmas? is it going to burst to bull run or bull run to bust?
  5. thescrrr

    FBI Has Gained Control Of Our Wallets: Bitcoin Exchange BTC-e

    "Troubled cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e has said its downtime was due to “FBI agents entering its data center.” Toughts?
  6. Buzzika

    My Creepy Childhood Story

    I was 3ish year old at that time, playing with twigs in the sand I have no recollection of this, but both my mum and dad were there... this is what they say happened. I was playing with twigs, imagining them to be planes and I said "two planes come from opposite and crash" and threw the twigs...
  7. chummpim

    Some Pages Of A Website Won't Load On My Laptop/Phone

    So I work on an Affiliate website(CPA NETWORK). A week ago I was able to access this website with no issues but now one specific page of this website won't load for me. I reported this to the owner of the website to see if it was a bug and he and also one of my friend checked the website and...
  8. S

    How to use wikibomber with your own list of wikis ?

    I have a list of wikis what I would like to use,but once imported from txt file it says "not checked" and when trying to create account it crashes. Is it crashing because its not checked ? Thanks
  9. S

    ScrapeBox Crash!!

    Hello, Because this is the my first thread on this year. I would like to wish everyone A Happy New Year! And now we get to the subject: During a blast of 100k unique wordpress domains, at the end of the blasts the ScrapeBox was crashed. It is not the first time when happens to me. Is...
  10. darkmobius

    Google Chrome Review is here, IE8 can burn in hell!

    Hi guys, I've just finished playing around with Chrome and I've written a little review about it. Please feel free to comment! The Web Tech Reviews Maybe its just me but think I will stick to whatever I've been using for now but at least its crash free so far.
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