1. leit

    Porn Links to my website (Problem)

    Hello, using some tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush, I have noticed in recent weeks I have a lot of porn links that point to my website, when you click on the link it makes a type of redirection. The links look like this: any porn-related crap) There are about...
  2. xcalibur

    Fuck DuckDuckGo

    Fuck DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo keeps touting their holier than thou 'we don't track you' shit because that's the only thing they can say to be different. They have nothing disruptive or revolutionary to bring to the table. Hell, DuckDuckGo sources from Bing and Yahoo, you get same results when you...
  3. shiboshy - Services For Resellers ✅Cloud Traffic ✅Backlinks ✅SC Promo ⏩Plays ❤️Likes ⭐Reposts

    SERVICES FOR RESELLERS - RESELLER PRICING ✅Cloud Traffic ✅Backlinks ✅SC Promo ⏩Plays ❤Likes ⭐Reposts Micro Services For Resellers (Detailed White Label Reports) We offer your micro tasks done at affordable reseller rates! If you are a website owner or just want to outsource our services, you...
  4. arsaltheman

    Thats Creepy !!

    Hey Guys, I was just browsing the forum and came across with this: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D TOTAL MEMBERS: 263,725
  5. 5

    Crapped on by xrumer and other spamming programs

    You see a lot of posts here about people wanting to use xrumer and other spamming programs. Does anyone here own or operate sites that have been victimized by these programs? Yeah, it's great that you want your backlinks on some forum - how about if the shoe is on the other foot and you have a...
  6. Gibz170

    I hate dp .... It is the worst fucking forum!

    I am an old member with 22 positive feedbacks and good reputation. I created a new thread with backlinking service, and people started to reply to the thread with questions, and i started to answer them - Normal. They banned me because i am BUMPING THE FUCKING THREAD ... I am answering people...
  7. Peter Shaw

    Creating a HOT fan page!

    Hello everyone. This trick is used on YouTube, and i don't see why people shouldn't use it on Facebook. Shows Todays trends, and any other days trends (previous dates) Of course, some trends are in one day, out the next, for example a football game...
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