1. goRksHIP

    someone has used payoneer with crakrevenue

    hi, has anyone received money from crakrevenue through payoneer's Global Payment Service?
  2. clay99foryou

    Revolution Force OR Lospollos OR iMonetizeit OR Crakrevenue - Adult Dating Affiliate Networks Which one is the best?

    I think I am very new to review them but I would like to share my thoughts on these adult dating affiliate networks because some of them are full of shit and I don't want you guys to waste your time on them. 1) Revolution Force - It's very hard to get in because they dont want fraudsters - If...
  3. D

    As an Indian I would advise you to stay away from Crakrevenue.

    I live in India and had made over 130$ on Crakrevenue. They don't accept indian Paypal as a mode to receive payments. When i set my payment mode as check they sent me an email saying, Hi XYZ, It has come to our attention that, even though you are due a payment on December 15th, 2020, we are...
  4. N

    Adult Marketing with Tinder & Okcupid

    Hi, I developed Tinder and OkCupid bots. It's swipe and send messages automatically. I don't know how to monetize it with these bots. I have a couple of ideas and want to know what do you think about that. 1. I was planning to promote OnlyFans accounts but I didn't found any content creators...
  5. D

    Made my first 100$ as a CPA Marketer on crakrevenue.

    Nothing but spammed my dating links on NSFW subreddits. Did this in 13 days. I know its not impressive but alas, its something.
  6. D

    How to receive Crakrevenue payment in India?

    Hi Crakrevenue only allows US/Canada PayPal. How do I withdraw my earnings.
  7. D

    Has anyone tried Crakrevenue + PopAds?

    I am currently using crakrevenue + reddit but the conversion rates are low and I am making about 10$ a day. (somewhat decent since I am in India.) Has Crakrevenue worked with Popads for anyone here? am open to suggestions and guidance.
  8. S

    dont trust crakrevenue why? check out

    well, i started to do affiliate with this called crakrevenue, first day i gained 13871 clicks but no converts, i told my self, let's keep my campaign running for another day, the next day i gained 9161 clicks but still no converts, i stopped doing this because i felt there is something wrong...
  9. D

    Has anyone tried crakrevenue+reddit?

    question in title.
  10. DesignCamp

    Paperstreetcash, is it worth it? [ADULT Affiliate]

    Does anyone have experience with paperstreetcash affiliate? I have a niche idea that I believe will work well with some of their programs. But their payout methods are ancient, especially for someone living outside the US. Who still uses checks? And international wire has a minimum payout of...
  11. W

    Halp! What do Zero Dollar Payout Conversions in Crakrevenue Mean?

    So, for nearly the past month the only type of conversions I have been receiving on Crakrevenue have been these odd zero dollar type conversions where I get the conversion to appear, but there isn't any payout. Note: Nearly all of my traffic generally comes from the smartlink, specifically...
  12. Sunmoluvic

    Question about Crakrevenue smartlink

    Hello guys Ive been wondering if Crakrevenue smartlink also converts when someone pays through your link What I mean is that I've only seen the smartlink convert for PPL in my account, so I'm want to confirm if it also converts for PPS
  13. Vikjohn

    Should I start porn upload

    Hi guys, I just want to ask if porn upload worth it, I have a crakrevenue account and I want to start promoting the smartlink using the porn upload method, I just want to ask if I should proceed with it, in my crakrevenue account I have like $50 which I earned last month from my Africa traffic...
  14. ossamamarwan

    CPA vs e-commerce?

    Hi guys! I made a couple sells last years as a dropshipper so this time I decide to be a CPA Marketer and mastering the Trafic. I joined 3 Affiliate Network (Crakrevenue,Jvzoo,and maxbounty) Now I finished learn the creation of landing page. It's good move guys? Sorry for my English.
  15. Anevo

    Need Crakrevenue insight

    Hi BHW, Recently I've been started to take part in trying to make money out of the Adult niche. I got approved by Crakrevenue and started promoting offers from there. As I'm still at the beginning, I would truly appreciate some insight in my stats, and what way would be a good way to try. Are...
  16. beastkay

    Let's talk about adult marketing networks, CrakRevenue v/s Adverten v/s Lospollos v/s iMonetizeit

    Porn reupload method is really really old some of us thinks that it's adrian method but some of IM guys says he just copied the method from someone else and I'm not getting his name on my mind right now, if you know the name do let everyone know. But whomsoever made or built the method that guy...
  17. PKB88

    [JV] My Maxbounty and some other CPA account + Your campaigns 25/75

    Hi All, I have accounts on most of the CPA networks including Maxbounty,CrakRevenue,OGads etc. All of them are old accounts and I have earned some money from them couple of years back.As now I am busy with my other businesses I don't have time to handle them. So I am looking for a partner...
  18. D

    How should I implement adult CPA for my 3000+ visitors?

    Hi, I currently have an adult site with 3k+ daily traffic (mostly from Reddit). I am making some $$ with banner ads but I want to do CPA for my traffic. Most traffic is from USA and other tier 1 countries. I have tried banners for crakrevenue but have had no success. What should I do now?
  19. D

    I have 2000 visitors in adult niche per day. What I can do to monetize them?

    I have 2000 visitors in the adult niche per day. What I can do to monetize them? I have tried Adsterra and my PR is 7 USD per day. I have tried crakrevenue but no success :( I just wish to make 70 USD Minimum. Guys can you please help...
  20. CoderFromHell

    Affiliate Networks with PPS Offers?????????

    Any recommendations on some Affiliate Networks with great PPS Offers, other than CrakRevenue. I have my hands dipped in their basket already but would like to have other means of income. Was working with ViceOffers but I see they're rebranding.