craigslist posting

  1. blue141

    Paying $9 per live ad

    I need a reliable poster who can get ads live in apts/housing for rent section. These are REAL rental ads, not lead gen. These ads are in different cities across the us, as we are a national property manager. Thus our volume is low (10-20 ads per week) and why I am paying $9 per live ad. I...
  2. calebmann

    CL Poster needed for Quick Job!!

    I will supply the post, but i need posts in all free cities in CA and FL which is only around 50 at most all together. It should be a quick easy job for any CL poster. You must be experienced, and guarantee that none of the posts will be ghosted or taken down. PM me your charge, i know...
  3. W

    100 ads per week

    Hi I am looking for someone to post 100 ads per week and possibly move to 200. The ads are to be posted in canada, they are images ads and I would like them posted in the services section I can supply the html I need a weekly price ? and if you will charge if the ads get ghosted...
  4. C

    Unlimited USA IPs - Exclusive and Private, never shared.

    I am renting out a private proxy server on a DSL line in the Midwest of the US. It is a Qwest DSL connection. You can change the IP anytime you want and an unlimited amount of times. (takes approx 3-5 seconds for the IP to change). The IP changes it's C and D class 255.255.XXX.XXX (the last 2...
  5. D

    craigslist posting service wanted

    posting service wanted Its for westcoast company for the of states OR,CA,Tx a Storage containers company (cargo containers sales) in the for sale / business section Price on 50 ads per day Payment daily for the first week, and weekly from there upon completion of ad postings. Looking...
  6. D

    Looking for Reputable CL Posters with Experience and Rep.

    Hi, I had a LOT of people waste my time on this site. Please message me if you can post in the Sell your car/truck in the Toronto Craigslist. You must be a reputable BHW member, and have done work like this successfully for other people. I will ask for references. No bs. Don't even...
  7. T

    CL Ads Ghosting

    Hi, I am using's private socks5 proxies, using unique ads and titles, deleting cookies after every ad post and posting 1 ad per proxy. still most of my ads are ghosting. can anyone help? I am using a self designed software for that. another person is using my software in US on a...
  8. S

    Cl posters needed, $.75 per ad

    Alright, i need experienced poster to post in the "for sale" section on Cl, had some ppl try posting for me but for some reason the ads they post always get ghosted, i also post for myself and never had ghosting issues, so if anyone can make ad stick without getting ghosted, hit me up, $.75 per ad.
  9. hayama

    WTH CL poster

    I am looking for a reliable craigslist and backpage poster (with the emphasis on cl). Rate is negotiable for a posts that stick and be searchable for at least 24 hours. I am looking for 10+ posts per day. Ad links must be recorded and provided at the end of the day to me. I'm aiming for...
  10. O

    Need a Craigslist Poster...not a Craigslist Poseur

    I'm looking for an experienced Craigslist poster. 100 text ads/day in Jobs. I supply the ads. You should have your own accounts and know how to get around the nasty CL filters - meaning ads should stick for a few hours and ghosted posts get reposted. Should be able to verify the posts as...
  11. U

    VIDEO: How To Design a Good Craigslist Advertisment
  12. S

    Craigslist poster needed asap

    Post my ads for me on craigs**list and guarantee the posts will stick for 2 days, then you get a deal, my target will be 10 cities to start ( cities of my choosing ) and will provide contents that will be posted. Let me know your price and contents of the post will be a picture ad, meaning, the...
  13. A

    CL help !!!!

    I just posted an ad in one of the free cities in CL and when I checked if my ad is published by clicking on the city and then choosing the section under which i published my ad, it was not there!!! But I got a confirmation mail which had a link. I clicked publish in that link and it said, my ad...
  14. easymlmpro

    $15-$20K/mo residual. Network Marketing Team Needs Help

    My first post in this forum so I hope it is appropriate. There is a lot of scary talent in here :-) We are a group of successful network marketers looking for technical assistance with driving targeted traffic to numerous websites of our team members. Other planned activities: Boost...
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