craigslist poster

  1. E

    Make a Craigslist Poster Section

    I think this site in the past had it, I don't see it anymore.. But you should definitely make a subcategory under Craigslist (or at least under Services for Hire) so Craigslist Posters can post their services. A specific spot where all these threads can be found together of current...
  2. redpill

    Looking for a CL Poster

    I am looking for a CL poster that can get adds for apartments in to approximately 40 large cities. I would like the posts to be done daily. If this is something you can do, please PM me and let me know the details, service, cost, etc... Thank you.
  3. redpill

    CL Posters - Has craigslist become too hard to post to?

    Are there any scripts out there that actually work? For instance if I had an apartment add I wanted to post to CL nationally is that possible? Are there any techniques, scripts, services that deal w/ this effectively? Thanks.
  4. L

    Need an CL craigslist expert tutor and Poster

    Need a good CL poster who can tutor me on how to get posts into services on CL. I have a campaign that needs to run this month that I will hire you for. It is 20 ads per day in items for sale/ beauty or if that won't work, services/beauty. I will pay for the postings and afterwards, would like...
  5. blackma

    Need A Craigslist Poster. I Will Pay $2.50/ad.

    Ok hey guys, So I am looking for a poster to manually post me 2 ads. One advert in Boston (south shore) & one ad in New York City (Manhattan - bypass the specific location). In the women seeking Men section of course (Need you ask?:)) Experience is a must. I am doing a little...
  6. D

    Looking for Reputable CL Posters with Experience and Rep.

    Hi, I had a LOT of people waste my time on this site. Please message me if you can post in the Sell your car/truck in the Toronto Craigslist. You must be a reputable BHW member, and have done work like this successfully for other people. I will ask for references. No bs. Don't even...
  7. D

    Looking To Hire CL POSTER - Reliable - LARGE VOLUME

    Hi, Looking to hire a CL poster to post in the "buy a car/truck section" in Toronto. Must be able to post in this section without getting ghosted/deleted. Please do not even try to scam me. Looking for big volume, long term deal.
  8. L

    legitimate craigslist poster

    I need a legitimate craigslist poster to post me 25 ads for .50 cent a post. If you are up for the task, pm me. If you know you can't do it, please don't waste my time saying you can and then don't. Thank you.
  9. L

    Need 30-60 ads posted weekly

    I need a cl poster to post about 30-60 ads a week. I will give all info about postings. PM me if interested.
  10. S

    Cl posters needed, $.75 per ad

    Alright, i need experienced poster to post in the "for sale" section on Cl, had some ppl try posting for me but for some reason the ads they post always get ghosted, i also post for myself and never had ghosting issues, so if anyone can make ad stick without getting ghosted, hit me up, $.75 per ad.
  11. O

    Need a Craigslist Poster...not a Craigslist Poseur

    I'm looking for an experienced Craigslist poster. 100 text ads/day in Jobs. I supply the ads. You should have your own accounts and know how to get around the nasty CL filters - meaning ads should stick for a few hours and ghosted posts get reposted. Should be able to verify the posts as...
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